Cat Doors for Every Kitty

Is your feline family member making you feel like a 24-hour kitty concierge? Cats enjoy their freedom, and they might not have the same hours as you do. If you’re tired of being awakened by your cat because he/she wants to go outside, get a cat door. Hale’s premium quality, energy efficient pet doors for cats are the best you can find. Give your kitty the freedom to move around without interrupting your dinner or disturbing your sleep. 

Great cat door uses:

  • The purr-fect entrance into a cozy catio. A catio (cat patio) is a smart way to provide your indoor cat with fresh air and adventure while keeping them healthy and safe.
  • Allow your cat easy access to a litter box or special space without being bothered by larger dogs in the home with an interior kitty door. 
  • Provide access to a heated or air-conditioned room when you’re not at home, without having to leave the entrance open.

Our Cat Door Models

Hale’s Cat Doors are created from high-quality components, they’re designed to be energy efficient, extremely durable, and highly secure, with meticulous attention to detail. Both you and your cat will benefit from Hale’s decades of expertise.

Not every home is the same, which is why we offer different cat door models. You may want a standard pet door, or you might need something more discreet or even temporary (for an apartment). Access doors aren’t just for people anymore.  They can be virtually anywhere in the home.

Door Model Pet Doors for Cats

Our door model pet door provides direct access to the outdoors or a catio, through a “people door”. They are great for families that also have a dog. If your dog is larger than your cat, that’s ok. Cats can easily use larger dog entrances. They simply push through the corner of the flaps to make their way in and out.

Wall Model Cat Doors

This type of pet entrance can be installed in any wall, interior or exterior. It can be installed in masonry, block, and stucco walls as well as traditional walls. Let kitty access the catio, backyard, or any interior room with a discreet in-wall door.

Screen Model Cat Doors

Give yourself fresh air and your feline friend freedom of movement. Our screen model cat doors work in screen doors as well as window screens and screened porches. Don’t worry about insects coming in along with your cat. Our screen models feature greater bug resistance than other brands. 

In-Glass, Panel, and Window Models

Do you need a cat entrance for your window or sliding glass door? We offer window model and panel model inserts (which are great for renters) or professionally installed in-glass models for a custom solution. Keep your indoor cat safe by pairing your pet door with a window-installed catio for fresh air and adventure.

Are Cat Access Doors a Good Idea?

Yes! Cat access doors are a great idea since they give kitty the freedom to explore without bothering their human housemates. They can also provide an “escape route” or access to a room away from larger animals.

What Should I Look for in a Cat Door?

Make sure to choose a door that’s big enough for your cat. Many people will automatically purchase a “small” entrance for a cat, but it may not be large enough for a comfortable passage. Most cats will use our “small-medium” door, but to ensure you get the right one for your special kitty, use our sizing guide.

How Much Does It Cost to Put in a Cat Access Door?

Cat doors can range from under $150 to over $1,000, depending on options, with some more complex to install than others. When comparing different brands, consider the quality, security, materials, company expertise, and warranty.

Hale Pet Doors Are the Best

In your search for the best cat doors on the market, you’ll come across many varieties, but none built like a Hale Pet Door. From heavy-duty aluminum frames with steel reinforced corners to steel and zinc components, PVC vinyl flaps and weatherstripping, our doors are a cut above the rest. Learn more about our skillfully crafted pet doors and get help with your pet door installation.