Dog Doors in All Sizes

Not all dogs are created the same - and neither are all dog doors. That’s why Hale Pet Door manufactures a wide variety of pet access doors for every dog breed and every home. We design our entrances with great attention to detail and use the highest quality materials throughout.

We feature top-quality construction, with extruded aluminum frame (not plastic), steel-reinforced corners, high-density polyethylene security cover with a steel pin lock, multiple layers of weatherstripping, heavy-duty magnets, double flaps, mold-resistant carpet, and more. Our goal was to create the most secure dog door, capable of withstanding the hottest or coldest weather and harsh conditions. Learn more about how we build our dog doors.

Our insulated dog doors are:

  • Energy efficient
  • AC/heating friendly
  • Extremely durable
  • High security  
  • Critter-proof and weatherproof (if properly installed and in the proper area)

The unique design of our premium quality doors comes from more than 37 years of experience in the pet door business. Our Made-In-The-U.S. products are safe, durable, energy-efficient and the best in the industry created for discerning pet owners. 

Our Dog Door Models

Don’t settle for a standard “one-type-fits-all” when you can custom design a dog entrance that perfectly fits the needs of your dog and you. Pet doors for dogs can be installed into virtually any door, window, or wall of your home, and we offer many options to give you exactly what you and your dog need. 

Door Model Pet Doors

One of our best-sellers, the door model offers one of the simplest installations if you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast. They can be used with wood, metal, fiberglass, and even some French doors. Give your pup direct access to your backyard. 

Wall Model Dog Doors

Another popular model, the wall model boasts a design that’s self-framing and self-supporting. It fits into any interior or exterior wall opening and can be installed in traditional walls (exterior or interior), block or masonry walls, and even stucco. Our wall doors stand up to everything that Mother Nature dishes out, and they can be more discreet than a door model.

Screen Model Dog Doors

Looking for a screen door with a dog entrance? Screen model pet doors let your pooch go in and out as they desire, while you enjoy the fresh air—and the bugs stay outside where they belong. This model can be used with window screens, screen doors, and screened porches. The magnetically sealed flexible flap and weatherstripping make our screen model more bug resistant than our competitors. 

In-Glass, Panel, and Window Models

Hale’s in-glass, panel, and window models are the best options for your loyal companion if you want to allow them free access through a glass door or window. We offer professionally installed in-glass models, panel model inserts, and window model inserts. The inserts are ideal for sliding glass door panels, since you won’t have to cut a hole into the glass.

What Should I Look for in a Doggie Door?

The best dog doors provide an easy-to-use passageway while keeping the energy efficiency of your home. Make sure it’s the right size for your dog, through all the phases of their life. Look for solid construction with weather-resistant materials. 

What is the Most Secure Dog Door?

We include a mechanism in the cover so that it can be locked into place giving you extra protection when you’re away from home. An added layer of security can be created by including our simple security barrier made from heavy-duty material. This barrier allows your pet to access the opening but keeps unwanted humans out.  

Why Choose Hale Dog Doors?

The safety, comfort, security, and convenience of you, your family, and your pets are of paramount importance. Our pet doors for dogs are made from high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship from decades of building experience. We offer professional installation, exceptional customer service, and a 5-year pro-rated warranty. Order your pet door now.