Dog Doors for Big Dogs

We know that all big dogs aren’t created equal. A comfortable space for a Great Dane may not be such a great fit for an English Mastiff or Saint Bernard. That’s why we make dog doors for big dogs in sizes that are more than just “large” or “extra large”.

The Perfect Hale Dog Door for Large Dogs

Size isn’t everything, though. As you compare different large breed dog doors, pay close attention to the materials used, the quality of craftsmanship, and the attention to detail. Consider the reputation of the brand, their customer service, and the warranty. There are important reasons why you should choose a Hale dog door.

Superior Materials

Our pet doors are made with extruded aluminum frames for improved durability and strength. Each door includes steel-reinforced corners, a high-density polyethylene security cover, mold-resistant carpeting, steel and zinc alloy parts, weatherstripping, and optional rain caps.

Focus on Safety, Security, and Energy Efficiency

Our large breed dog doors are designed with the safety and security of your family and your pet in mind. They’re also built to be energy efficient and weather resistant.

Wide Range of Options

We offer more options and more models than any other company on the market. We can also customize our pet doors to fit your decor or the unique needs of your home.

Professional Installation

We offer expert installation by trained professionals located across the U.S. Learn more about how our dog doors are made

What size dog door should you choose for your large dog?

As you choose your pet access door, consider all phases of their life. Even large dog breeds can vary significantly in size throughout their lives. If your dog is a puppy, look to either their parents (if possible) or an adult dog of that breed for an idea of what they’ll need in the future. Senior dogs may need additional space to feel at ease going out of and coming back into their home. You want them to age comfortably and continue to use your door for many years to come. 

What is the Largest Size Doggie Door?

Some companies offer an extra-large door, such as 16 inches by 24 inches, but it may be the same as another brand’s large size. Hale Pet Door offers seven large and extra-large door sizes. We can also build custom big dog doors.  

Below are some general guidelines. For more help, use our sizing guide.

Pet Height 

Pet Width

Dog Door Size

15”- 20”

8”- 10”


21”- 24” 

8”- 10”

Tall Large

25”- 27” 

8”- 10”

Tall Large Plus

24”- 31” 

8”- 10”

Extra Tall Large

22”- 24” 

11”- 13”

Extra Large

25”- 27” 

11”- 13”

Extra Large Plus

25”- 31” 

12”- 14”


The Hale Difference

When you purchase one of our large dog doors, you become part of our pet-loving family. Along with owning the best pet door on the market, you’ll benefit from our decades of expertise and personalized customer service. We’re proud of our excellent reputation and look forward to serving you. Learn more about our skillfully crafted pet doors for large breeds.