Become a Hale Pet Door
Dealer or Installer
Cartoon Pet Door Installer
Be Your Own Boss
Selling and installing Hale Pet Doors is a great opportunity in today's economy. Best of all, you can be your own boss with the knowledge that Hale Pet Door stands behind you with cohesive marketing, training, and over a quarter-century of successful pet door experience.
Bill Hale, Owner of Hale Pet Doors
From Bill Hale, Owner of Hale Pet Door
"This is even a great opportunity for someone who has spent their career behind a desk and is anxious to use their hands — someone who is already in-tune with basic construction. Our doors have an excellent reputation with pet owners, and we seek new team members who share our professionalism."

You have What It Takes to be a Hale Pet Door Installer/Dealer if You:

  • Like working with your hands
  • Are detail oriented and possess excellent customer service skills
  • Have construction savvy
  • Are a "go–getter" who works independently

To find out more, call 1-800-646-4773 or email with your name, phone and location.

Hale Pet Door Supports Our Installer/Dealers by Providing:

  • Training and support
  • Discounted Hale Pet Door products
  • Listing of your pet door business on

In Turn, the Installer/Dealer will Supply:

  • An appropriate installation vehicle (such as a van)
  • Needed tools
  • Appropriate work attire to look professional
  • A willingness to market themselves via handing out business cards, participating in trade shows, large pet–oriented events, etc.

To find out more, call 1-800-646-4773 or email