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Installation Manuals

Simple Pet Door Security Barrier Installation



The Hale Security Pet Door® Flat Security Barrier™ is designed to be extremely easy for a homeowner to install.
The simplest installation is using the barrier by itself. However, it is also designed to be installed inside a pre-
existing dog house, planter, or other exterior decorative feature that is used to shield the pet door.

Since there are many variations and options available for items to cover the barrier, we are unable to provide
specific installation instructions for every possible scenario. Therefore, we are providing simple installation
instructions for securing the barrier itself to the ground.

Please read these instructions carefully and completely before attempting to install your flat security barrier;
they will guide you through the steps and precautions needed for a successful installation. Photos and illustrations
have been added to help our customers understand various instructions. NOTE: Photos do not show wood façade
cover for visibility purposes. To reach an experienced installer for free consultation, please call 1-800-646-4773.
Any person with a working knowledge of power tools and basic home construction or repair can install the Hale
Security Pet Door Dog House Barrier. It is important to note however, that the product warranty may be affected
if returns have been modified in any way other than specified by these instructions. The barrier must be properly
installed and your animals properly trained in its usage. As with installation of any Hale Security Pet Door product,
local building codes supersede the information printed herein. Please be sure to follow all local building codes for
your area.

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