Custom Orders

At Hale Pet Door™ we pride ourselves on our wide variety of standard models and sizes to fit almost any application. Occasionally, however, a custom model is necessary.

In some situations, the standard size door that will fit into a desired spot is too small for the pet, but the next largest standard size is too big for the location. In that instance, a custom size door will be the best solution to maximize the usable space.

Perhaps you previously had a different brand pet door installed and would like to replace it with a Hale Pet Door™ to fit the same rough opening. Or maybe you want a French door install that fits exactly into the opening left by removing one of the panes of glass.

We will be happy to work with you on creating the right combination for your home. If you provide us with the measurements for any size rough opening, we will manufacture a pet door to those exact measurements.

NOTE: The size of the pet door can theoretically be any measurement you provide, even greater in width or height than our largest door. Keep in mind, however, that this is not always practical. Remember that the larger the flap is, the heavier it is and it can become prone to excessive wear and tear at the top.

Remember, too, our custom models are only eligible for 50% credit towards the purchase of another door should you need to return it for any reason.

Quality, energy efficiency, safety and security are priorities with Hale. As are all our models, our custom size models have been rated highest in insulating and sealing capabilities, insuring protection again wind and insect intrusion.

See the pictures below for some examples of our custom sizes and installation. Visit our information or products pages for added information on colors and other available options and then call our customer service number at 1-888-293-6411 for assistance in ordering. You can also download a printable PDF file for more information regarding measuring and pricing for custom orders.

Hale Pet Door In Glass custom width Hale Pet Door sidelight pet door panel


Hale Pet Door custom width wall model





Hale Pet Door Custom Size French Door Model

 Five examples of custom installs

1. Custom width to fit exactly into glass door panel.

2. Custom width to fit glass sidelight.

3. Custom width to be wide enough for the animal but narrow enough to fit available wall space.

4. Custom height and width to fit exactly into one pane of a multi lite French door.

5. Custom size requested for motor home installation.



 Hale Pet Door Motor Home Pet Door
 Available Frame Colors    Side Load vs. Top Load

Hale Pet Door Available Frame Colors




Hale Pet Door Side Load Cover vs. Top Load Cover