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Screen Pet Door

You can let the fresh air in while letting Fido out. Our Screen Model is perfect for screened porches, screen doors, and some window screens. This model is available with one flap and does not use a security cover.

Our screen door is  a much sturdier choice than other brands because our novel design attaches to the frame around the screen  (Other brands of pet doors attach only to the screen mesh fabric.) and our flaps and weatherstripping make the Hale Screen Model more "bug-proof" than other doors.

NOTE: Most screen doors or screen windows have the mesh and screen spline on the interior side of the door or window frame. Our screen model will work whether your screen is on the inside or the outside of the frame. However, if your frame is more than 1/2" wide, we will need to know that information to send you our universal screen model.

We include a screen stabilizer kit with our screen pet doors size "Tall Large" and above.. (shown installed at left) This cross bar can be added to your people door directly above the pet door for added strength and stability. It is available as an option for our smaller pet doors.


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