Date Posted: March 15, 2023

4 Ways to Use an Inside Pet Door

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Did you know that a pet door can be used inside your home? While the most common dog doors are door models, which allow access to the front or back yard, an inside pet door for cats and dogs (and maybe other pets as well) can be extremely useful.

Keep reading to learn why an inside pet door could be a great idea for your home.

Top Four Interior Dog Door Ideas

A pet door gives your pooch or kitty easy 24/7 access to the outdoors, without burdening you with “doorman duties.” But there are special instances where a pet door for an interior door wall might come in handy.

Peaceful Respite for a Smaller Dog in a Multi-Dog Household

If you have a rambunctious home environment with multiple animals, a smaller dog (or cat) might enjoy a private area where it can eat, sleep or just chill. This could be a bedroom you keep closed or even a closet—cats especially love small, cozy areas. With an inside pet door sized just right for them and not anyone else, they can relax in their secret sanctuary. With a pet door, you don’t have to keep opening doors for them—which is especially useful in the middle of the night, while you’re sleeping. 

Private Feline Access to Their Catio

Does your indoor cat long for the outdoors, but you can’t let them roam free? Consider building them a catio. This is exactly as it sounds—a patio for cats. It may be your three-season porch or a special addition with screens so they can see outside and get fresh air without the dangers of cars or predators. Interior pet doors for cats can be installed in a closed door to the porch or in a wall for energy efficiency.

Separate Dining Areas for Cats and Dogs

In a multi-pet household, it may be hard to keep bigger dogs from eating food meant for the cats, or for a smaller, more timid dog. An in-wall dog door lets you feed smaller animals in a different room with the door closed so only they can access it. This creates a more comfortable environment for them and a calmer situation for you, as you no longer have to go through contortions to ensure that everyone gets enough to eat!

Hidden Kitty Bathroom

If you wish the cat’s litter box could be somewhere else, rather than out in the open in your bathroom, an inside pet door is the perfect solution. Interior pet doors for cats can be used to hide the litter box in a small laundry area or closet, out of sight, so that the cat can access it at all hours.

Where Can I Install a Pet Door Inside?

You can install interior pet doors almost anywhere. An in-wall dog door can be added to almost any interior wall, and an inside pet door for wood door use can be added to a closet door, bedroom, or laundry room.

What Pets Can Use an Inside Pet Door?

Inside pet doors are not just for dogs and cats! Other animals that can be trained to use an interior pet door in the home include pigs, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Are Doggie Doors a Good Idea?

Dog doors are a great way to allow access for your cat or dog, whether to an outside area or to an interior room or closet. Choose one that’s high quality and energy efficient.

The Hale Difference

At Hale, all our pet doors are built to order, in-house, at our U.S. factory. They are highly durable since they’re made from extruded aluminum, and we make replacement parts for every part of the pet door. Everything from cutting the metal to assembling the pet door is done here at the factory. This includes flapping, cleaning, and inspecting each order as it is made before sending it out to the customer. Choose from a door model pet door or a wall model dog door. Order your interior pet door now. 

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