Date Posted: August 9, 2023

Hot Weather Safety: Reduce Overheating Risk with a Dog Door

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Nothing is more enjoyable for your pet than frolicking in the sunshine on a hot day. But what if it’s too hot? Just as people get overheated, dehydrated, and perhaps even suffer from heatstroke, so can your pet. Having a dog door installed in your home can help your dog or cat escape the heat when they need to, keeping them safe and comfortable.

How Can a Dog Door Keep My Pet Cool in the Heat?

If your dog or cat spends time outside, you may not always be around to let them back in when they need to cool off. A dog door is a reinforced frame in a wall or door with a flap that’s kept closed by strong magnets. The animal can gently push at the flap to go out and come back into your home. Dog door benefits include access to an air-conditioned house and shade whenever they need to cool off. With a dog door, your pet can also access cool indoor water if their outdoor water dish is empty. Pet doors give them the freedom to move in and out as they need to.

Pet Safety and Dog Doors in Hot Weather

During the scorching months, prioritizing the safety of our furry companions is paramount. Often overlooked, the intense heat of pavement and the muggy embrace of humid air can pose serious risks to dogs. Their paw pads, designed for varied terrain, can easily burn on searing sidewalks. Humidity exacerbates their discomfort, hindering their natural cooling mechanisms. 

Installing a dog door can offer them an escape, enabling them to seek shade and respite indoors, effectively preventing overheating and potential heatstroke. Laying down an outdoor carpet by the dog door is a smart move too. It shields your dog’s paw pads from the scorching pavement, ensuring a safe and comfortable summer outing.

Selecting the Right Dog Door for Summer – and for Your Home

When looking at dog door solutions for hot weather, look for a well-constructed pet door that includes PVC vinyl flaps, strong-sealing magnets, and adequate weatherstripping to keep cool air inside your home. Make sure that you measure your pet to get the best size for them.

Choose Hale for the Best Hot Weather Pet Door

When it comes to selecting the right dog door for summer, look no further than Hale. Our heavy-duty pet doors are made with extruded aluminum frames, dual PVC vinyl flaps, alnico magnets, and stainless steel strikes, plus multiple types of weather stripping. They’re made entirely in our U.S. factory with no outsourced parts. 

Choose from door, wall, or screen models in your choice of color. And we make installing a dog door easy with step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourselfers. Explore our range of dog doors for a safer summer.

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