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Date Posted: July 19, 2023

Preventing Accidents: How Pet Doors Help with Housetraining

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Explore Pet Doors for Clean & Timely Housetraining

You may be in the habit of taking your dog for a walk and bathroom break at a certain time in the morning or evening (or both). But let’s face it—you won’t always be available when they need to relieve themselves. Is it such a big deal if they must “hold it in” for a while? Actually, it is. Not being able to pee when they need to can cause physical discomfort or worse—and they may be forced to do their business on your floor, which is less than ideal. But guess what? A dog door can solve this problem! 

Learn why timely bathroom breaks for your pooch are so important and how pet doors can help with housetraining by preventing accidents. We share our top training tips and explain how having a pet door can reduce stress for both of you.

How Pet Doors Help with Housetraining

In standard puppy potty training, you must remain always alert for when they need to go out so that you can train them to avoid having accidents in the home. Dog doors set you both free! You no longer have to worry about being ‘on guard’ and your pet can have outside access whenever they want. You start by leading them to the door and gently coaxing them through, rewarding them when they use it successfully. In a short time, they’ll realize that they can do this themselves, and this will eliminate accidents. 

Dog doors promote a clean and healthy environment for both pets and owners.

Dog Door Training Tips for Pet Owners

How long will it take to housetrain your pet to use a dog door? This will depend on the dog. If there are two people training the pet, one inside and one outside, it’s typically faster than if you are by yourself.  

Here are some of our dog door training tips:

  • Use their favorite treats to encourage your pet to go through the pet door. 
  • Always encourage them with comforting language and reward them with praise and pets.
  • Lift the flaps so your pet can see how easy it is to go through.
  • Use a temporary training flap to make it easier for your pet to use the doggie door.

Regardless of age, breed, and physical health, some pets are easier to train to use a dog door than others. The ease or difficulty of dog door training also depends on the skills of the trainer! Our tips should help to speed up the process.

Pet Doors and Bladder Health in Pets

Pet doors provide a crucial solution for dogs who are confined indoors, eagerly waiting for their owners to return just to relieve themselves outside. However, this waiting game can pose significant health risks, including urinary tract and bladder infections, weakened bladders, bladder stones, kidney infections, and the accumulation of toxic waste. By installing a pet door, you can actively promote regular urination, thus fostering greater well-being and overall pet health for your cherished four-legged companion.

Dog Doors and Stress Reduction in Pets and Owners

Getting the opportunity for release in a timely manner can prevent your pet from becoming stressed. They know you don’t want them peeing inside your home, but what are they to do? Pet doors can greatly reduce stress for both pets and their owners. By allowing them to be more independent, you can also boost their comfort level and self-confidence. 

Choose Hale Pet Door for Your Pet’s Optimal Health

At Hale, we care about the safety and health of your furry family member. With top-quality doggie doors made from the best materials and available in various types like door-model dog doors and wall-model dog doors, it’s convenient for you to provide a readily accessible, comfortable way for your pooch to go to the bathroom. Explore our pet door options and enjoy the pet door benefits!

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