Date Posted: July 12, 2023

Beyond the Doggie Door: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe and Comfortable in Hot Weather

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Discover tips to keep your pets safe in hot weather with Hale Pet Door doggie door.

Excessively hot temperatures can be uncomfortable for humans and animals alike—and equally dangerous. The problem is, your doggie or kitty can’t complain like a human, so it’s up to you to learn how to keep them safe, healthy, and comfortable in hot weather. 

In this article, we help you understand the risks and symptoms of overheated pets, and how you can make your animal more comfortable. Discover our hot weather pet safety tips and cooling solutions for dogs, and learn about the best doggie door features for hot weather conditions.

How to Ensure Pet Safety in Hot Weather

In addition to choosing a dog door designed for hot weather, there are other ways you can reduce overheating and dehydration risks for your pet.

Keep your pet hydrated: To safeguard your pets in hot weather, provide continuous access to fresh, cool water indoors and outdoors. Keep water bowls close to the doggie door but not so close that other animals discover the entrance to your home, allowing them to hydrate effortlessly whenever they feel the need. Proper hydration is crucial for their well-being and helps them cope with rising temperatures effectively.  

Limit exercise in the hot/humid weather: Try to exercise with your pet in the early morning or evening. Before taking them for a walk, test the pavement. If the asphalt is too hot for you to walk on while barefoot, it’s also too hot for them. Walk your dog on the grass if you can, and always keep cool, fresh water on hand for them. 

Create a safe and shaded outdoor area for your pet: Make sure to position the doggie door in a spot that leads to shaded areas in your yard! This way, your adorable pets can easily cool off and find shelter from the hot sun whenever they need to. It’s like creating a cozy oasis just for them! Keeping your furry friends safe and happy in the heat is a breeze with this thoughtful setup. 

Improve ventilation and airflow in your home: make sure to set up a cool indoor space near the doggie door for your furry pals! Good ventilation and air conditioning or fans will make it a cozy spot where they can chill out and unwind whenever they come inside. Providing them with a comfortable and refreshing area will make them feel loved and happy in your home.

Groom for summer weather: Dogs with longer hair may need a “summer hairstyle” to keep them comfortable and cool. But it’s important to check with a professional groomer or vet before making any drastic cuts. Some breeds have coats that actually protect them from the heat. Also avoid shaving them too closely, as this could put them at a greater risk of sunburn. Brush your dog regularly to remove dead hair for a thinner coat.

Best Doggie Door Features for Hot Weather Conditions

Dog doors designed to help with hot weather often come with features to ensure your pets’ comfort and safety during high temperatures. It is also important to inspect and maintain your pet door throughout the year to ensure it continues to keep your house cool throughout the summer, warm in the winter, and safe for your pets. At Hale Pet Door we offer replacement parts for all of our doggie door options.

Some of the key features to look for include:

  • Weather Stripping: Weatherstripping on dog doors prevents drafts, maintains indoor comfort, and improves energy efficiency, creating a cozy environment for pets during hot weather. 
  • High-Quality Double Flaps: Dog doors with double flaps offer enhanced insulation and create an air buffer that helps maintain indoor temperature, preventing hot air from entering.
  • Premium Strikes and Magnets: Premium strikes and magnets on a dog door create a secure seal, preventing hot air from entering. This ensures a cooler indoor environment, promoting comfort for pets during hot weather and energy efficiency.
  • Security Cover: A security cover on a dog door offers added insulation, keeping hot air out and cool air in, creating a more comfortable environment for pets during hot weather when the doggie door is not in use.

Hale Pet Door Hot Weather Benefits

At Hale Pet Door, our mission is to prioritize pet safety and comfort, especially in hot weather. We provide a large selection of top-quality door-model and wall-model pet doors, crafted with premium materials, multiple weatherstripping options for energy efficiency, standard dual flaps for enhanced insulation, premium strikes, magnets, and a security cover. These features work together to maintain a cool indoor environment, ensuring you and your beloved pets stay happy and comfortable even during scorching summer days.

To learn more about our best-in-class Hale pet doors, shop dog doors today!




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