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Date Posted: May 17, 2023

What Can a Pet Door Do for Your Pet’s Mental and Physical Health?

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This pet has better mental and physical health due to the pet door installed by her owner.

Having a pet door in your home can benefit your pet’s physical and mental health. For people to be healthy, it’s important that they have engaging activities outside of the daily grind, adequate time outdoors in the sunshine, and plenty of physical activity. Why should your four-legged family member be any different? Pet health is important. Animals don’t like to be cooped up any more than people do, but with our hectic schedules, it’s not always easy to take the dog out for a walk or let the cat out as often as we’d like. 

Keep reading to discover which kind of dog door is best for your beloved companion.

How Does a Pet Door Benefit My Pet’s Mental Health?

Letting your dog or cat come and go as they please boosts their self-esteem and keeps them from becoming anxious, which can result in unwanted pet behavior like barking, furniture scratching, and chewing.

What are the Physical Health Benefits of Using a Pet Door?

Having 24/7 outside access encourages more frequent exercise and fresh air. For dogs, it also lets them relieve themselves when they need to and not have to hold it in or go in the house.

By installing a dog door for your furry companion, you can find easy solutions for the following pet challenges: 

  • Provide Increased Freedom and Independence

Without the convenience of a doggy door, your pooch or kitty must wait until you’re available to let them out (and then back in again). This can be as upsetting for the pet as it is for you.

  • Reduce Boredom and Anxiety (chewing and scratching)

Dogs may start chewing on items inside the house and cats may start scratching on furniture if they’re anxious, bored or stressed out. Being able to go outside on their own when they’re feeling this way can have a positive effect on pets mental health, reducing these behavioral issues.

  • Promote Exercise

For optimal pet physical health, it’s important to get ample exercise. It’s much healthier (and far less stressful for you) if your dog or cat can run around and get exercise outside, whenever they want to, rather than inside your home. This problem increases exponentially with multiple pets in the home.

  • Reduce the Risk of Accidents and Injuries

Cats have their litter boxes, but what about dogs? If your poor doggy must wait to relieve himself or has to go in the middle of the night, it can be uncomfortable for him to have to ‘hold it in.’ The alternative is an “accident” in the home, which no one enjoys—least of all you. A dog door can be installed in a door or wall to make life easier and more comfortable for a senior dog to go to the bathroom in the yard, rather than having to constantly go up and down stairs to get outside.

What Types of Pet Doors are Available and Which One is Best for My Pet? 

For backyard access, a door model works well. A wall dog door is discreet. The screen model is purr-fect for a kitty’s catio off an enclosed porch.

Why Should You Choose Hale?

Hale dog doors are designed with you and your pet in mind. They’re made from the highest quality materials like extruded aluminum with steel-reinforced corners, dual PVC vinyl flaps, stainless steel strikes, heavy-duty magnets, and lockable security covers. Our dog doors are easy and comfortable for your pet to use. 

We focus on high quality, durability, pet safety, and expert construction. We do not use any electronics that can malfunction and injure your pet. All doors are made in our US-based factory, with no outsourced parts. 

If you’re ready to have a healthier pet and less stress in your life from being a doggy doorman, shop dog doors at Hale today.

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