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Date Posted: August 16, 2022

Is There a Sliding Door Dog Door?

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Dog doors made especially for sliding glass doors. This article describes two popular types.

You may have heard that there is a dog door that can be installed in your sliding glass door. Well, you heard correctly. Hale Pet Door actually has a sliding door dog door. In fact, there are two options for you to choose between.

Sliding doors can pose a problem for pet owners who want to install a pet door in them. The problem is that they are usually made of glass. Installing a pet access door in a sliding door is less common than installing one in a wooden door or even a wall, but it can be done.

The In-Glass Dog Door

The first solution is to install an in-glass dog door directly into the glass pane of your sliding door. This option typically sits in the bottom corner of the glass door, meaning it’s discrete and still allows for a direct, full view into your yard.

Keep in mind that any in-glass dog door, whether in a door or window, needs to be professionally installed. You cannot cut a hole into existing glass. Instead, specially trained technicians will come to you, measure your sliding door and the dog door you want to install, and then carefully fabricate a new pane of glass with the hole pre-cut. They will then install the new pane into your existing sliding door.

Once installed properly and professionally, in-glass dog doors allow you to use your sliding glass door like you normally would. It also gives your dog the freedom they need.

The Door Panel Dog Door

Panel dog doors are a great option for pet parents who want a sliding door dog door solution but don’t want to make any permanent changes to their home. This model is a vertical panel with a dog door already installed in the bottom portion. Installation is easy because the panel just fits in the tracks of the sliding door and sits next to the door.

Something to keep in mind is that after installing the panel, there will be less space for people to walk through when the door is open. Measuring the space that will be left after installation before even ordering your panel model is important just in case you realize that a stroller or wheelchair in your home won’t actually fit.

The greatest benefit of panel model dog doors is that they can be easily removed whenever needed. If you’re a renter, this model is a perfect solution for you as you don’t need to permanently alter the property, and you can take it with you when you decide to move out.

The Hale Pet Door

We offer both of these models, along with several others that can be installed in various places throughout your home. If you’re looking for an in-glass model, just call our customer service line so we can connect you to an installer.

We keep your pet’s safety and your home’s security top of mind as we design and create our products. We also provide service parts and accessories like security barriers and replacement flaps to ensure your pet door lasts a lifetime. 

So, when you purchase any Hale Pet Door product, you can be sure that you’re investing in a high-quality product. We want it to bring joy and convenience to you and your four-legged friend for years to come.

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