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Date Posted: May 26, 2022

Yes, There Is a Dog Door for Screen Doors

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We have dog doors that fit in screen doors.

Yes, it is possible to have a dog door in your screen door. We know that one of the best parts of the spring and summer is the ability to let the fresh air flow through your home. That’s why we make a dog door for screen doors here at Hale. We want you to be able to let the breeze in while allowing your dog to go in and out freely.

The best pet doors for screens can be installed in any screen, including screen doors and windows, and/or screened-in porches. Let’s talk about how it works.

How Is a Dog Door Installed in a Screen?

Putting a pet door within any screened area is pretty simple. Essentially, you cut a hole and insert a frame with a flap. The issue many people run into is that the frame is not very secure and the installation does not stand the test of time.

At Hale, the frame of the dog door is made to be securely installed on either the bottom left or bottom right corner of your screened area. Instead of attaching the pet access door frame to the mesh only, our proprietary design attaches it to the frame in the corner of the screen door – as well as the mesh. Inside of the frame is a flexible flap your dog uses to enter and exit. Once your pet is through the door, the flap seals tightly against a combination of magnets and weatherstripping in the pet door frame. This design helps to make help it more “bug-proof”.

If you have a large dog, we recommend a design that is even more sturdy with the inclusion of a stabilizer bar. This design offers additional support across the top of the dog door frame in addition to the support in the corner. Stabilizer bars work especially well for bigger dogs that use more force to go in and out.

Is My Screen Door Too Thick for a Dog Door?

Hale Pet Door discusses their dog door for screen doors.

Since the dog door frame attaches to the screen door frame, it is important to know how thick the door frame is. Our standard model dog door for screen doors is designed to fit into one of the lower corners of a screen door frame or screen window frame that is ½” thick or less. The pet access frame is completely reversible and can be installed in either corner.

While some screen doors are ½ inch or less in thickness, many are also up to 1 ¼ inch thick. For this, you would need a solution like our universal model screen pet door. This one is also created to fit into the bottom corner of the screen door or window frame that is over 1/2″ thick. While the installation process is different from the standard model, the universal screen pet door is completely reversible and will fit into either corner of the screen frame as well.

Because of its universal design, this model is held in place with screen spline and clips so it is not quite as secure as the standard model which is designed to be screwed into the “people door” frame. So a third alternative is our cut model screen dog door which is identical to the standard ½” or less model but has had one leg removed to allow it to fit wider screen door frames. This modification means the screen pet door is no longer reversible so you would need to determine which corner you want it in before ordering.

What About Dog Doors for Windows or Other Screened Enclosures?

You can install a dog door in a window and/or other screened-in enclosures in the same manner as you would a screen door. We offer variations on our regular three models to allow for different configurations of screen fabric and frame, call to find out about 3-sided and 4-sided frames and more. When you order from Hale, thorough instructions are included to help with the self-installation of all our pet doors. They guide you through the steps and precautions needed for a screen installation. Illustrations and photographs are also included. And of course, in many areas, professional installation is available as well.

Does It Keep the Bugs Out?

When choosing the pet door for your screened-in area, be sure to consider the insects. There are screen door models that are built for convenience but are not very practical when it comes to keeping bugs out. That is why the Hale models are designed with magnets, weatherstripping, and strikes that create a tighter seal than other brands.

The Hale Dog Door for Screen Doors

Our dog door for screen doors are a great choice. They are easy to install, high-quality, durable, and work great in virtually any screened door, window, or enclosure. Keep the bugs out, let the fresh air in, and stop being your pet’s doorman. Shop pet doors for screens here.

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