November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Although senior citizenship for pets generally begins at age 7, the size of the pet is a consideration in the aging process.

For some giant breeds of dogs, the senior stage begins at 5 years, while small dogs less than 20 pounds and domestic cats enter their senior years at 10.

It’s easy to see that adopting a “senior” pet at age 7 could really be adopting a barely middle aged animal with lots of healthy life ahead.

The nicest thing about adopting older pets versus young ones is “what you see is what you get.” You’ll know the size, energy level and grooming requirements without any surprises in the future. Most adult pets are house trained, and their extreme chewing days are usually past.

If you adopt a senior pet from a shelter situation, they are so grateful to be in a real home that they become the most loyal friends you’ll ever know.

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photo courtesy of wikimedia commons