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Date Posted: June 28, 2022

Can You Put a Cat Door in a Window?

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Kitty wishing she had a cat door in a window.

Cats are known to lounge on windowsills and stare at birds through the windowpane. Having a cat door in a window is the perfect spot. This article outlines how it is not only possible to put a cat door in your window, but why it is advantageous as well. 

Cat Doors Prevent Screen Damage

Installing a cat door in your window can provide your kitty with a sanctioned exit before they make one themselves. Cats often claw through window screens in an attempt to make their own doorway. Investing in a window model kitty door prevents clawing damage and saves your cat from hurting themselves or getting stuck trying to slash through your screen. 

Window Model Cat Doors Are Easy to Install

Window model cat doors are also easier to install than a lot of wall or door models. They are also less intrusive on your home as they are being installed. They are an excellent option for renters or those who do not want to make any major modifications to their home. 

Most people can install a window model cat access doors themselves. Unlike other pet door models, window models do not require advanced tools like wood saws, drywall knives, and caulk guns. Less expertise is required on your end and you get the same result – giving your kitty freedom and independence. 

Convenience of Location

Many homes only have one or two doors leading outside, but they have many windows. A window model cat door is best because it lets you select a well-trafficked and well-loved area where your cat already spends a lot of time. Window pet doors give you more flexibility on placement both within your house and on which outdoor area it leads to. 

Variety of Window Cat Door Models

Windows also make the best kitty door because there are models available to suit any type of window style in your home. There are vertical window inserts, horizontal window models, and even inserts to add to storm windows for one of the easiest installations. 

In general, every type of window cat door model is easy to add on and is unintrusive. It is one of the most convenient ways to give your cat access to your patio, catio, or yard without making any major alterations to your door or wall structure.  

Promotes Independence for Your Cat

A window model is the best cat door to give your cat independence with ease. Rather than being completely reliant on you for entertainment and access to the outdoors, an access door for your cat that’s in the window gives your feline instant freedom. 

Giving your cat independence liberates you as well. On a particularly long shift at work or a night out with friends, you can rest assured that your pet can exit and enter your home at their leisure. Instead of just waiting for you to return home, they can be in nature or on their catio and live fuller lives. 

A Window Model Cat Door is a Win-Win

Kitties that are bored or need something to do can sometimes turn to destruction. Rather than shredding your curtains or breaking through the screen, installing a cat door in your window can save your decor and your cat’s sanity. It gives your cat an outlet other than making a mess of your home. Installing a pet door is a win-win for pets and pet owners alike. 

The best pet door is one that takes your cat’s preferences into account. As well-known window-lovers, a kitty access door in the window is an optimal location. Shop window model cat doors and find the perfect solution for your home.

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