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Date Posted: June 7, 2023

Cat Doors: Different Types & How to Choose One

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This kitty is playing outdoors in an aluminum tin full of water after using his cat door.

Hooray for cat doors. We all know that there’s nothing better for an adventurous feline than to be able to freely explore and discover new experiences—and a pet door lets them be their curious selves without having to bother you to keep opening the door for them (at all hours). But with all the pet doors available, how do you select the right one for your kitty companion?

In this article, we answer your pressing questions about selecting a cat door, such as figuring out the right size, special considerations, and how to find one that’s compatible with your home décor.

What are the Different Types of Cat Doors?

Pet doors aren’t just for doors. At Hale Pet Door, we also offer an in-wall pet door and a screen model pet door.

When would you use these different types of doors for your cat? 

  • Door Model:  Allow your cat free access to the outdoors, or perhaps to a fenced-in yard.
  • Wall Model: Interior Wall – Give kitty access to a closed room or closet, as a private place away from a dog and the humans, for a private feeding location, or to use the bathroom (and to hide the litter box). Exterior Wall – Allow outdoor access more discreetly, without having to cut a hole in a front or back door.
  • Screen Model: Let your cat enter their catio through a porch screen, whenever they like.

These different models give you a lot of flexibility to suit your needs.

Choosing a Cat Door – Top Questions to Ask

There are important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right kitty door for your furry friend. 

How Do I Determine the Right Size of Cat Door for My Cat?

You must consider the height of your kitty and its width. Hale provides sizing tips and information for measuring your pet. Our small size is appropriate for most cats.

Important Factors to Consider When Measuring Your Cat

When measuring your kitty, make sure that:

  • They are standing so you can get the proper size that you need.
  • You measure the width of the cat as well to get the proper size.

Keep in mind how agile your kitty is, especially for an older cat. When installing the pet door, you don’t want to install it too high off the ground. The cat should not have to jump to get through it, as this could cause an injury.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Kitty Door

Look for weather-resistant cat doors with top-notch weatherstripping and high-grade materials, a strong locking mechanism, and detailed installation instructions for different models. 

How Can I Ensure That the Cat Door I Choose Matches My Home’s Decor

Many brands don’t give you a choice of models and finishes. Hale offers different types of pet doors and frame colors to match your home’s décor.

Can a Cat Door Be Used for Multiple Cats or Households With Both Cats and Dogs?

For multiple cat households or homes with both cats and dogs, choose a size that’s comfortable for the largest animal in the pack. The others will fall in line.

The Hale Pet Door Difference

All Hale pet doors are made from extruded aluminum with reinforced steel corners, strong PVC vinyl flaps, stainless steel strikes, heavy-duty magnets, and multiple types of weatherstripping for maximum durability and weather resistance. All our pet doors have weather stripping between the magnets in the frame of the pet doors. A polyethylene security cover and steel pin lock keep the door secure when not in use. 

All Hale pet doors are made to order in our U.S. factory, with no outsourced parts, and we offer personalized customer service. 

To learn more about Hale’s world-class pet doors for your cat, shop cat doors now.

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