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Date Posted: July 26, 2023

Cat Doors for Multi-Cat Homes: Meeting the Needs of Multiple Feline Friends

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Explore the best cat door options for multi-cat homes, ensuring easy access and independence.

Got Cats? Having multiple kitties in the home is a delightful experience, but it can be challenging at times. Not all cats have the same personality and needs. How can you accommodate your different felines so that each one is as happy and healthy as possible? Fortunately, a pet door can help! Keep reading to learn how. 

Cat doors for multi-cat homes have uses that you might not be aware of.

Best Cat Door Options for Multi-Cat Homes

When you think of a pet door, what immediately comes to mind is a door model that allows outdoor access so your cat (or dog) can explore the outside environment whenever they want to. For dogs, this means they can use the bathroom whenever they need to. For cats, who are very adventurous, it allows them to freely explore without you having to continuously let them out and back in. 

A door-model pet door is most common, but a wall-model pet door can give cats easy passage to a certain area of your yard, in a more discreet way than cutting a hole in your front or back door. The door can also be “hidden” behind a bush or a planter so it can’t be seen by wild animals (or your neighbors). Wall models can also be installed in an interior wall, providing your feline friend access to a closed room, an under-the-stairs space, or even a closet. 

A screen-model pet door allows access through a screened porch to a catio (cat patio). This is a special enclosure for your kitties, typically next to a larger screened-in porch so that they can see the outdoors and enjoy fresh air without being free-roaming.

How to Manage Cats’ Unique Needs and Behaviors with a Cat Doo

Keeping everything harmonious in a multi-cat environment isn’t always easy. In addition to allowing your kittie to indulge in their wild, outdoor nature at all hours, you’d be surprised at the unique solutions you can come up with to household challenges by using a cat door in your home.

  • Provide access to a closed room or closet, while not allowing entry to other larger pets.
  • Create a separate feeding area.
  • Provide private access to a litter box.
  • Keep smaller cats and bigger dogs separate, so they can maintain their own territories in your home—preserve the peace!
  • Build your cats a catio to provide some enjoyment for indoor cats who want to be outdoor cats—a cat door gives them private access to it.

And what if you have larger cats and smaller kittens? You can use a smaller-sized cat door to give the kittens easy, comfortable passage to their space away from the fray, for eating, using a litter box, or having some “quiet time” away from larger animals. Cat doors can help promote kitty independence, territorial comfort, and harmonious cohabitation.

Choose the Right Cat Door Size and Installation Method for Your Home

At Hale, we offer various pet door sizes to accommodate small to large cats. Our two smallest sizes are appropriate for cats. Most pet door installations can be done by homeowners, and we provide step-by-step installation instructions for the different models

The most important thing to remember when choosing a cat door for multiple felines is to always measure the biggest pet to determine the right size, so you know it will work for all the pets.

Choose the Right Cat Door Size and Installation Method for Your Home

Hale pet doors are designed and manufactured at our U.S.-based factory, with no outsourced parts and only the best materials for maximum durability and pet safety. We use an extruded aluminum frame with steel-reinforced corners, dual PVC vinyl flaps, alnico magnets, stainless steel strikes, and multiple types of weatherstripping for energy efficiency. We include a heavy-duty security cover with a steel pin lock and offer several different frame finishes. Check out our premium pet door options for multi-cat homes!

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