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Date Posted: April 19, 2023

Cat Doors: How Safe Are They?

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This Siberian cat looks frustrated because she wants a cat door

There are many reasons to install a cat door in your home, especially if you have a catio and a frustrated kitty. Your favorite feline needs the ability to go in and out. You want to avoid having to be “on call” as their kitty doorman. But some people are concerned about the safety of installing a door for their cat – both in terms of safety for the kitty and for the safety of their home and family members.

In this article, we address various safety concerns and provide safety tips for your feline friend’s special access door. We also discuss how to find the right size cat door for your kitty, so that they’re safe and comfortable as they go in and out.

Are Cat Doors Safe?

Your cat’s safety begins with choosing the right-sized door. A properly installed and sized cat door helps to guarantee your cat can safely use the door. As for home safety, Fortunately, most cat-sized doors are too small for a person to access, so you won’t have to worry about unwanted visitors. Concerns about wild animals can be addressed with tightly sealed flaps and by hiding the door.

Can a Cat Door Compromise the Security of My Home?

If you’re considering installing a door for your cat but have concerns about the security of your home, here are a few tips on how you can ensure the safety of both your pet and your property:

  • Order an appropriately sized door instead of a dog door as they are smaller in size, ensuring added security.
  • Install the door into a wall behind bushes, planters, or patio furniture so that it’s discreet and out of sight. Hiding the door in this way adds extra security to your home while keeping your pet safe from wild animals. 
  • Use a locking security cover when your pet is not using the door. This will stop anyone, human or animal. The cover can be removed when you want your cat to use it again.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Door for My Pet?

Our small and small medium doors are designed to accommodate cats. However, we have 12 standard sizes as well as custom sizes available. See our sizing page for more information.

What Types of Safety Features Do Hale Doors Have?

For when your pet is not using the door, Hale includes a high-density polyethylene security cover with a steel pin lock. During normal use, stainless steel strikes and magnets keep the door sealed tightly against wild animals.

How Do I Train My Cat to Use a Cat Door Safely?

Training cats to use their door safely and comfortably is easy with positive reinforcement. Learn about pet door training and how to use training flaps to make it easier for them. 

Is it Safe to Install a Door for Your Cat in a Glass Door or Window?

In-glass cat doors can be safely installed in a sliding glass door or window. Security covers and pin locks work as effectively with our in-glass door models as with our door model.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing or Using a Pet Door?

Common installation mistakes include getting the wrong size door for your pet and installing it too high off the ground. Hale offers comprehensive advice on how to ensure the safety of your cat, including detailed guidance on sizing your pet and installation instructions.

Enjoy Optimal Safety and Security with Hale

Hale makes the best doors for your pets in terms of safety. The frames are made from extruded aluminum with steel-reinforced corners. Standard features include dual PVC vinyl flaps with stainless steel strikes and heavy-duty alnico magnets, a high-density polyethylene security cover, and a steel pin lock. 

Cat doors are smaller doors designed just for cats, yet they are installed just like dog doors. Magnets on the frame line up with the strikes on the flaps to keep the flaps securely closed. Hale’s cat doors are also lockable—the security cover has a push-pin lock that you can lock up at night.

Discover the Hale Pet Door Difference

All of Hale’s pet doors and accessories are built in our U.S. factory, with no outsourced components. We make all of our products from scratch, from the cutting of the metal to cleaning the finished product, for a truly superior pet door.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality cat-access door, shop our cat doors now. We offer pet doors that are specially built with safety and security foremost in mind – for you, your home, and your feline friend.

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