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Date Posted: March 30, 2022

Cat Doors in Your Home – Great for You & Your Cat

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Cats love their freedom just like dogs do. Cat doors are the perfect solution for pet owners who want to give their kitty the freedom they deserve. Does your cat need outside access? Yes. Do they need the ability to go between rooms inside your home? Yes. This is why you need cat access doors installed throughout your home. They allow your furry feline to move freely, independent of you.

So if you’re a cat owner, read on. Keep your kitty happy and your home’s efficiency in check by investing in the perfect access door.

Cat Door Models

There is one important decision you need to make before purchasing any cat door. You need to decide on a model. This decision should be based on your cat’s needs. Are you trying to give them access throughout your home, or to the outdoors or a catio?

The Interior Wall Model

The wall model is a popular pet door choice because it is versatile. You can install a wall model cat door in an exterior wall of your home or garage in order to give your cat outside access. Or, a more popular use of this model is to install it in an interior wall so your cat has access from room to room.

Litter boxes can be smelly and messy. They may not be something you want just out in the open in your home. But, if you try to hide it behind closed doors, your cat will no longer have access when they need to use it. This could make things even messier.

Interior access through a wall is the perfect solution here. Simply install a cat door in the wall to the room that houses the litter box. Your cat will have constant access and you don’t have to smell their “business”.

The Interior Door Model

A Hale Cat Door through the door leading to a litterbox

Another solution to the litter box scenario is the door model. Just as the wall model is installed in an interior wall, the door model is installed in an interior “people” door. Your kitty gets access to the same places you do.

This is also a great solution for our furry friends that love to nap in rooms you want to keep closed. When you install a cat door, they can get to their favorite nap spot at any time. Now you can avoid having to keep certain areas of your house open.

The In-Glass or Panel Model

In-glass or panel model cat doors are perfect for owners trying to give curious cats outdoor access through a glass door or window. Choose an in-glass model if you want the access point to be installed directly into the pane of glass. Or, choose a panel model or window model to sit in the opening of the door or window. Please note, in-glass models must be professionally installed.

A Hale Cat Door through the wall into an outdoor “catio”

If you’re worried about your cat being outdoors, we suggest giving them a “catio”. Catios are outdoors but enclosed. Your cat access door can lead directly from inside your home out into one of these enclosures. Kitty gets to be outside but is still protected.

The Hale Pet Door

We offer all of these models at Hale Pet Door. We are proud of our wide selection of top-quality pet door products. We have several varieties made to fit kittens and full-grown cats.

Whether you have an adventurous type that needs to be outdoors or a picky napper that naps in the same place every day, get a cat door. It’ll give your kitty the freedom they want while you get the peace of mind you need. Shop cat doors now.

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