Date Posted: April 26, 2023

Creative Ways to Add a Doggy Door to Your Home

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A boy and his dog sit beside the window.

When you think of a dog door, you probably have an image of a door cut into the bottom of a house’s front door or back door. But there are other creative dog door ideas for adding a pet door to your home that might better suit your purposes. Maybe you’d like to buy a dog door for a hidden room for your pet to have the only access to. Or perhaps you want one in a garage so your pet can go outside there.   

But would a dog door fit the décor of your home? Have no fear—a dog door can blend in beautifully with your exterior and interior color scheme. Or it can be a complete secret so that no one will know it’s there except your dog. Check out these unique doggy door ideas.

What are the Different Types of Doggy Doors and Which One is Right for My Home?

Pet doors are available for exterior and interior doors, walls, sliding glass doors, French doors, or even a window. There are various considerations to determine the best one for you.  

Can a Doggy Door be Installed in a Glass Door or Window?

Yes! These days, you can find pet doors that can be installed in windows or glass doors, and you have different options (permanent, temporary), provided you choose the right dog door company.

How Can I Install a Doggy Door in a Wall or Other Non-Standard Location

You can install a dog door in a wall, window, sliding glass door, under a staircase, or another location if you have detailed instructions or know when to hire a professional.

Can I Install a Doggy Door in a Door with a Glass Panel?

Yes, dog doors are available for use in a glass door panel. For more information, see Hale’s in-glass model and storm window replacement model. Both can be used with glass panel doors.

What if I Rent My Home?

Can’t cut holes in doors, walls, or windows? You can still have a pet door for your cat or dog, by using a temporary model. For a rental property or an apartment where you’re not allowed to modify anything, what you need is a temporary dog door. Fortunately, that’s possible. There are pet doors for sliding glass doors and windows that can be installed right into the glass. This can easily be reversed should you ever move. 

What Are Some Ways to Make a Doggy Door Look More Stylish or Blend in with My Home Decor?

Integrate the dog door with a doghouse, outdoor furniture, or bushes. Or, simply choose a complementary frame color that matches your home. Our frames come in white, dark bronze, beige, and brushed aluminum.

Choose Hale Pet Door When You Want the Best Quality and Many Options

Our best-in-class dog doors are made from extruded aluminum with steel-reinforced corners and other top-quality materials. We build all our dog doors in-house at our U.S. factory, with no outsourcing. We offer nearly every type of dog door – from standard in-door models to wall models, to custom-made dog doors that fit French doors. If you’re bursting with unique doggy door ideas, shop our dog doors today or call us if you need a custom build.

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