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Date Posted: September 20, 2023

Tips for Seasonal Dog Door Maintenance and Upkeep

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Now that it’s autumn and the days are getting shorter—and maybe colder, depending on where you live—you may be thinking about preparing your home for the coming winter. Don’t forget your pet door. Dog door maintenance is extremely important for the safety and comfort of your pet as well as the human members of your family through the winter months. 

In this article, we examine the basics of upkeep in the autumn, such as checking for any damage, optimizing weatherproofing, and other pet door care.

Dog Door Maintenance Tips

After a rambunctious and fun summer, your pet door has probably seen a lot of use. It’s time for some fall maintenance, to ensure that it’s clean and clear of any insects, free of any problems, and sufficiently insulated for the winter. 

Check for wear and tear and address any potential issues

Examine both the inside and outside of your pet door. Pay close attention especially to the flaps, as this is the part that’s likely to wear out first due to its heavy use. Make sure there are no tears, jagged edges, or other problems that could cause discomfort for your pet.  

Keep leaves, debris, and pests from affecting dog door operation

Autumn means a lot of leaves on the ground, especially if your property is surrounded by trees. Check the outside of your dog door to make sure the area is clear of sticks, leaves, and other debris that your pet can inadvertently drag into the house, and which may affect the door’s operation. 

Carefully look for any insects or signs of pests that may have entered. If it’s a wall model dog door, look at the tunnel that goes through the wall and check the carpeting. 

Give all the parts of your dog door a thorough cleaning and see our detailed instructions for the care and feeding of your Hale pet door.

Weatherproofing techniques for autumn

Inspect your dog door’s weatherproofing. See how well the flaps seal against the frame, whether the security cover and steel pin lock are sound, and if all the weatherstripping is securely attached and in good condition.

Our weatherproofing tips include using dual flaps and strong magnets, installing weatherstripping, and adding caulk, if needed, to help seal any holes.

Make any adjustments that are needed to address temperature changes and drafts that may cause energy loss in cooler weather. This may involve replacing the flaps or the weatherstripping.

Why Hale Pet Doors Are the Best in All Seasons

Beyond using premium materials for every pet door we make, Hale Pet Door makes your fall dog door maintenance easy. Is a flap damaged? Are the magnets not holding the flaps closed as they should? Is the weatherstripping looking ratty? No worries. Since we make all our pet doors at our U.S. factory, we have original replacement parts for every piece of your pet door. 

Although we offer the most rugged and durable pet doors on the market, after several years of heavy daily use, something might wear out. Dog door upkeep is crucial to ensure optimal functionality, durability, and effectiveness in keeping your furry friend comfortable and secure, in addition to maintaining energy efficiency and protecting your home from wild animal intrusion. 

Fortunately, we offer a wide selection of replacement parts. For example, you can purchase replacement flaps only or a replacement flap kit, which includes magnets and new weatherstripping. You can replace any part you need, rather than having to buy a new dog door. We also provide complete instructions on how to install your replacement parts. Explore our fall-ready dog door replacement parts to keep your pet door functioning like new.

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