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Date Posted: May 3, 2023

How to Choose the Best Dog Door for You and Your Pet

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This couple loves their dog and wants to get the right dog door

Choosing the right dog door for your home and pet can be challenging. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of different types of dog doors so you can choose the right one for your pet.

Wall Model Dog Doors

You may not want a dog door in your front or back door, either for aesthetic or security reasons. A wall-model dog door can be extremely discreet. This type of doggy can be installed in most types of exterior walls. Hidden dog door ideas include putting it at the back of a doghouse, behind a large decorative planter, or behind a thick hedge just outside your home.

You can also use a wall-mounted pet door in an interior wall, which can be very useful. Do you need to allow your pet access to a room that you like to keep closed? Do you want to give your cat access to a closet or another area of their own that can’t be accessed by larger dogs? An interior wall pet door lets you do this.

  • Pros: Can be installed in standard, block, masonry or stucco walls; lets you hide the pet door behind a bush, doghouse, planter or patio furniture. An interior wall model pet door gives you many options such as hiding a cat’s litter box and allowing them access to it, feeding smaller and larger animals separately, or providing access to a closed room or an under-stairs area.
  • Cons: Depending on the type of wall construction, you may require professional installation. For interior walls, you’ll need to carefully plan and know the layout of wall studs before you start cutting. In this situation, you might also need a professional for installation.

Look for a pet door specifically designed for wall use that offers various sizing options and tunnel lengths to accommodate different wall thicknesses. Also, look for different frame color options that can complement your inside décor.   

Sliding Glass Doggy Doors

Using an in-glass model pet door, you can allow your dog or cat access to a patio or backyard, without having to keep opening the door. This allows your pet to go out and come back in without constantly opening the entire door. Insulation around the door and high-quality flaps and magnets make this door energy efficient, keeping warm (or cool) air inside and insects outside.

  • Pros: Allows access without opening the door.
  • Cons: You’ll have to cut a hole in the sliding glass door.

Look for different options, such as in-glass pet doors or panel models, and detailed instructions on how to install, if you’re doing it yourself.

Dog Doors for Screens

A storm window replacement model dog door, available in many shapes and sizes, can be used to replace either a storm window or the bottom part of a screen door. Also, a screen model pet door can be used with a screen door, window screen, or for a screened porch.

  • Pros: Enjoy the fresh air and give your dog or cat access to the outdoors without having to leave the entire door open or keep opening and closing it. 
  • Cons: The storm window replacement model requires a screen door that lets you unscrew and remove the bottom panel. With the screen model, you’ll need to cut a hole in the screen to install the pet door.

Look for a storm window model that’s designed to easily insert into the bottom part of a screen door and one that’s available in various sizes to accommodate existing doors. For a screen model, make sure you get the right frame thickness.

French Door

What about dog door ideas for French doors? If you have a French door leading out to a patio, you can install a dog door into the bottom of that door. The type of door you’ll need depends on whether the door is glass or wood. 

  • Pros: You can create a clean solution for giving your pet outdoor access, without cutting a hole into an exterior wall. 
  • Cons: Depending on the door style, this may be a more complex installation. If you change your mind, it might be challenging to restore the door to its original condition.

Look for detailed instructions on how to install this type of pet door, including how to determine if you need professional help.

Shop the Best Dog Doors Today with Hale Pet Door

At Hale Pet Door we know that choosing the right dog door for your home and pet can make a big difference in your daily routine and provide your furry friend with the freedom they need.  Whether you opt for a wall-mounted dog door, a sliding glass door, a screen door, a French door, or a window model pet door, it’s important to think about your and your pet’s needs. That’s why at Hale all of our dog doors are hand-crafted from top-quality materials and built in-house at our U.S. factory. 

To explore a wide range of dog doors and find the right fit for your home and pet, shop dog doors today and make your life easier while enhancing your pet’s quality of life.

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