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Date Posted: March 8, 2023

Under Stairs Doggy Door: Build Your Dog A Cozy Little Room

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Dog underneath stairs on the Hale Pet Door website.

Do you have stairs in your home and an unused or under-utilized space underneath? Are you wishing you could give your doggy its own special space? We have the perfect solution for you: a cozy dog space created with an under-stairs doggy door.

If this idea sounds intriguing to you, keep reading to discover the various benefits of a dog room under stairs, how you go about creating one, and how Hale Pet Door can help make your dog room ideas a reality.

Benefits of a Doghouse Under Stairs

There are several reasons why you might be thinking about special doggie rooms. It may be that you have small children in the house, and you’d like your four-legged family member to have a special hideaway they can call their own without being disturbed. There may be larger dogs that can be overwhelming for a smaller dog (or maybe even a cat). You may want to be able to feed them privately, away from the larger animals (or kids), without having to close off an entire room. An under-stairs doggy door gives your beloved pet a private place for them to sleep or “chill.”  

How Do I Make a Dog Room Under My Stairs?

For open space under the stairs, close it up with plywood. If it is already closed, begin by cutting an opening, which is where you’ll put a dog door to lead to the under-the-stairs dog room.

Dog Room Ideas for the Creative Pet Owner

Once you’ve created the closed space under your stairs, the sky’s the limit. You can outfit it with:

  • A soft, cozy dog bed
  • Their favorite toys
  • Dishes for their food and water, for a private dining area
  • Additional pillows and/or blankets

Some people go “all out” and design their under-stairs doggy door as they would their own home, inside and out. It all depends on whether you want something decorative or a more clandestine space that’s hidden from view.

Why Do People Choose Hale for Their Under Stairs Doggy Door?

Unlike other pet door companies that offer small, medium, and large dog door sizes, Hale has 12 standard sizes of dog doors. We also offer custom sizes, if you can’t find one that’s just right. Also, we have different dog door models, including an in-wall dog door, which may be the right choice for an under-the-stairs dog room. But the best reason to choose Hale is the exceptionally high quality of our dog doors. 

Every Hale pet door is made with a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame with steel-reinforced corners, HDPE security cover, steel pin lock, PVC vinyl flaps, stainless steel strikes, Alnico magnets, and multiple layers of weatherstripping for optimal energy efficiency.

What Type of Door Should I Use Under the Stairs?

As for the type of dog door to use for your under-stairs doggy room, we recommend a wall model dog door if it’s going into a wall. For an existing under-stairs door, use a door model dog door.

What Type of Dog Door Can I Install Inside?

For an inside pet door, Hale has our very popular in-wall model. Use this interior dog door to allow a pet into a closed room or for an under-the-stairs doghouse. Hale has Pet Doors for Any Location.

Hale Pet Door: Simply the Best

Every pet door and pet door accessory is made in-house and custom-made to order at our U.S. factory. At Hale, we run a production line where our team members have specific tasks that they do in building our premium quality pet doors. This begins with the cutting of materials to packaging, boxing, and shipping. Nothing is outsourced, ever. What this means is that you get the highest quality pet door for your animal, and if you should ever need a replacement part, it comes directly from our factory for a perfect fit, every time.

If you have any questions about building a dog room under stairs or need help in choosing the right pet door for your special project, contact our pet door experts.

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