Date Posted: November 8, 2023

Why Won’t My Cat Use the Cat Door?

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Cats need regular stimulation, or they can get restless. Spending time outside is one of the ways that your cat can get their daily fix of activity, so installing a cat door in your home can make life easier for you and your cat. However, many cats need encouragement and training before they’ll use the pet door.

It’s also important to install a quality product made by a company you can trust. Hale makes kitty doors that feature PVC vinyl flaps, heavy extruded aluminum frames, and magnets and strikes made from quality material. Each door features multiple types of weather stripping to ensure energy efficiency as well. Here’s what you need to know about getting your pet to use the cat flap door.

Cat Refusing to Use the Pet Door? Possible Reasons Why

There are many possible reasons that your cat might not be using their pet door. Some potential reasons:

  • Not aware that the door is there. Your pet may not have noticed the new addition to your home. Training can help fix this problem.

  • Fear. Some cats are naturally cautious and will not try a pet door just because it’s been installed. During the training process, you’ll show them how the door won’t hurt them, and that will help.

  • Not interested in going outside. Cats often enjoy the outdoors. Talk to your vet to see if your pet could be suffering from anxiety or a physical problem that is preventing them from enjoying time outside.

Your cat started to use the pet door, then stopped? An older cat may have mobility problems that prevent them from using the door. Sometimes moving the door to a more accessible location can help. If the door is raised off the floor, using ramps or a footstool can help as well.

Incorrect sizing or poor door location can also prevent pets from using their doors. Installing a high-quality door at the correct height and of the right size is important.

Is Cat Door Construction Different from Dog Door Construction?

With regard to construction, there is no difference between a door for a cat and a door for a dog. If you’re wondering whether your cat won’t use the pet door because your pet door is made for dogs, you can stop worrying! The only concern in this case is if your pet door is correctly sized for your dog and not your cat. In this case, your cat may need their own door of the right size and height.

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Pet Door

Unless there’s something wrong with the height or size of your cat flap door, you can encourage your cat to use the door with training.

How do I train my cat to use the pet door?

Hale Pet Door provides helpful tips to train your cat. Ultimately, training involves coaxing your pet through the door with a favorite toy or treat. If your pet is afraid to go through the flaps, you may need to hold the flaps open at first and then slowly lower the flaps each time your pet goes through.

Why Hale Pet Doors are Best for Kitty Doors

Ultimately, buying the kitty doors is just as important as training your cat to use the door. That’s why Hale Pet Doors has been a top choice among pet doors since 1985. Hale Pet Door offers a variety of pet door sizes and colors, in addition to custom sizing. Explore our cat door options to enhance your feline’s living space.

Hale Pet Doors are crafted to be the safest and most durable pet doors on the market. Proudly made in the U.S., our pet doors are known for superior quality as well as an amazing selection. Shop our cat door products to find your cat’s favorite door.

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