Pet Doors for Unique Animals

A dog door is a wonderful way to give your canine companion the freedom to come and go as they need to. But what about your pet rabbit or potbellied pig? You may not realize this, but there are great, innovative ways to use pet doors for unique animals, giving them access from inside your … Continue reading Pet Doors for Unique Animals

What Can a Pet Door Do for Your Pet’s Mental and Physical Health?

Having a pet door in your home can benefit your pet’s physical and mental health. For people to be healthy, it’s important that they have engaging activities outside of the daily grind, adequate time outdoors in the sunshine, and plenty of physical activity. Why should your four-legged family member be any different? Pet health is … Continue reading What Can a Pet Door Do for Your Pet’s Mental and Physical Health?

Cat Doors: How Safe Are They?

There are many reasons to install a cat door in your home, especially if you have a catio and a frustrated kitty. Your favorite feline needs the ability to go in and out. You want to avoid having to be “on call” as their kitty doorman. But some people are concerned about the safety of … Continue reading Cat Doors: How Safe Are They?