Plant Your Garden Well–Be Wary of Plants that are Poisonous to Your Pets

Spring and summer are such great seasons. You get to spend more time outdoors with your pets. Plants dress up your yard and garden–adding wonderful colors and smells to your outdoor living. When choosing plants, it’s important to know which ones could harm your pets. Here’s a list of the Top 20 Common Plants that … Continue reading Plant Your Garden Well–Be Wary of Plants that are Poisonous to Your Pets

Dog Door Security Issues Solved

Dog doors can become security issues for your home if you don’t prepare for the problems that can arise. Security Covers that are Truly Secure An indestructible security cover that fits into a strong aluminum frame with steel reinforced corners will ensure that no one can access your home while the security cover is in … Continue reading Dog Door Security Issues Solved

Hale Pet Door Adds 600th Rescue Rewards Program Partner

We are so excited to announce the addition of the 600th pet rescue or humane society to our Rescue Rewards program.  The German Shepherd Rescue in California is our newest addition. For more news and information about the program, please visit the news page of our website.

Adopt the Internet Day from Petfinder

For the past 15 years PetFinder has been dedicated to helping adoptable pets across the country find new forever homes.  Through their partnerships with hundreds of pet rescue organizations, thousands of pets have been adopted. Now in celebration of their 15th anniversary, PetFinder is working harder than ever to get the word out about pet … Continue reading Adopt the Internet Day from Petfinder

House Training Tips

How do we house-break a 3-month-old Yorkie? We keep her in a wire crate with its door opened to the Hale doggy door so she can only go outside and not come into the house as such. If we were to let her come into the house she would leave her calling cards on the … Continue reading House Training Tips