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Date Posted: October 12, 2022

The Best Dog Doors You and Your Pet Will Love

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We offer the best doors are made right here in the United States using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

When designing our world-class Hale Pet Doors, we considered the needs and desires of dogs and their human companions. We came up with the best dog doors you’ll find anywhere, built with premium materials and great attention to detail.

Here’s What You Want:

  • An energy-efficient dog door that keeps the weather outside and heat/air conditioning inside.
  • A premium, long-lasting pet door made from the best materials.
  • Special security features to keep insects and other animals outside where they belong.

Here’s What Your Dog Wants:

  • The ability to go outside whenever they want to, without having to wait to be let out or back in.
  • An entrance/exit that’s easy and comfortable for them to use.
  • A dog door that’s just the right size, in a convenient location.

5 Features You Should Look For In the Best Dog Doors

There are a few features the best dog doors on the market will have:

1. Top-Quality Construction – Our frames are made from extruded aluminum. We chose this material because it is stronger and more durable than plastic or pressed metal frames. Our dog doors also include:

  • steel-reinforced corners,
  • a high-density polyethylene security cover,
  • a heavy aluminum tunnel,
  • mold-resistant nylon carpeting,
  • stainless steel strikes,
  • heavy-duty Alnico magnets,
  • a steel pin lock that’s attached to the frame to prevent scratching,
  • a zinc alloy cover removal knob,
  • and multiple layers of weatherstripping.

2. Energy Efficiency and Security – All pet doors should come standard with inside and outside flaps for greater energy efficiency and protection from insects, unwanted animals, and wind. 

3. Specially-Designed Panel and Window Models – These models should use double-pane insulated tempered glass for energy efficiency. Single-pane in-glass models and storm window replacement models can use single-pane tempered glass when possible.

4. A Great Warranty – Companies should stand by their products and their installation. Most products should be able to be returned within the first 30 days. Parts and labor should be covered for much longer than that. This is our warranty.

5. Superior Customer Service – You are making an investment in your home and your pet. The customer service you receive should be swift and helpful. We enjoy providing personalized service to customers and their beloved fur babies.

The Best Dog Door for Large or Small Dogs

Large and small canines that can use a Hale Pet Door

Size matters. Most pet door companies allow you to order a small, medium, large, or extra-large dog door. Most people think they have to get one of those sizes. However, there is more to sizing a dog door.

Hale has 12 standard dog door sizes, with custom sizes available upon request. Learn more about dog door sizes and how to accurately measure your pet. We also have a breed sizing guide to help our customers.

What About Cold Weather and Security?

To seal out cold weather, the best dog door option would be multiple layers of weather stripping. This helps to seal any gaps where air might leak.

Look for an interior security cover that can be closed and locked from the inside. Hale offers an optional exterior security cover on some models. For an added layer of protection, we offer our customers a simple security barrier that prevents humans (or larger animals) from entering.

More About Hale Pet Door Solutions

Most brands of dog doors have limited styles and sizes, so they may not suit every dog breed, special need, or unique personality. Our pet doors come in the widest variety of sizes on the market and attachments to accommodate special needs. We can even make custom sizes and configurations. We offer:

  • door models,
  • wall models,
  • screen models,
  • in-glass/sliding glass,
  • panel, 
  • window/storm window,
  • and even kennel doors.

Give Hale a try. Our expertly crafted pet door products are made from the highest quality materials right here in the U.S.

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