Breed Sizing Guide 
for Hale Pet Door
General Guidelines based on Breed Standard
We offer the following information to assist you in selecting the correct size of door for your pet. Please note, however, that this is not a complete list and many dogs do not fall within the breed standard. Therefore, we ask that you please measure your animal before ordering. You will find more detailed sizing and measuring information on our sizing page.
Take Note ...

Most cats would need our "Small Medium" pet door.  Only the very smallest cats can use our "Small" size pet door.  

Many people buy pet doors when their new dogs are still puppies.  Please consider the breed standards and look at the parents of the puppy (if you know them) to get an idea of the correct size pet door to purchase.

For mixed breed dogs and other animals, please see our size chart on our sizing page.

Some notes about our Sizing Suggestions

  • Our standard size pet doors are taller than they are wide.  However, some dogs (i.e. Bulldogs) may need more width but not as much height.  In those instances, you can order a custom size so you aren't getting a taller pet door than needed.  
  • Some dogs are exceptionally tall and even our Extra Tall Large or Giant standard door is not comfortable for them.  In these cases, we recommend an "oversize Giant" custom size door to accommodate their extra height.  (Also available if you need the extra width for your dog.)
  • Take into consideration where you are installing your pet door when picking the correct height.  For example, if installing in a screen, it is usually fairly close to the floor.  If installing in a wall, it is usually above a baseboard and several inches off the floor, etc.  Please take this into consideration when choosing a size to make sure it is tall enough for your dog to use comfortably.