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Date Posted: August 23, 2022

What Makes Hale Pet Door the Best Option?

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If you’ve been on the hunt for a high-quality pet door, then you know how many companies and brands there are out there claiming they are the best. The options are endless, especially if you’re shopping online where you can buy pet products around the world. 

As you are searching, we want you to know that Hale Pet Door is a one-stop shop. Happy pets are our passion, and as serious pet owners ourselves, we know what makes a good pet access door and what doesn’t. We pride ourselves on being one of the best pet door companies in the USA, and here is why.

Our Product Promise

First and foremost is our promise to you as a customer. When we design and build our products, we keep your pet’s health and safety, your home’s security, and your concerns as a homeowner as our top priorities. 

We provide replacement products that help keep your pet door operating at its optimal level and in a way that doesn’t threaten the mobility of your pet. Easily purchase and replace a pet access door flap that has lost its structure and avoid injuries from snagging or catching on loose or broken parts.

Most models offer security covers that can be easily placed and removed before you leave for the day and after you come home, or before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. You can also purchase a simple security barrier that can be anchored into the ground in front of the pet door to ensure that the security of your home isn’t compromised by installing a pet door. Your dog can easily gain access while intruders cannot.

Lastly, our products are offered in a variety of colors and models to help blend into the decor of your home. Nothing will ruin the aesthetics of the inside or outside of your home like a bulky pet access door that doesn’t match the design. Hale solves that problem with a pet door that is sure to fit right into your design.

Our Variety of Pet Door Sizes and Models

Speaking of variety, aside from color, we offer a wide range of models and sizes to fit the needs of you and your pet.

Hale Pet Door offers more sizes than others.

Any good pet access door brand knows that in order to account for every shape and size of pets out there, they need to provide a wide range of cat and dog door sizes. That is why, at Hale, we offer an incredible range of sizes to fit any and every sized pet. From your kitten or Chihuahua to your Great Dane or Mastiff, we are sure to have a cat door or dog door to fit your needs. 

We also provide a wide range of models to accommodate the different installation needs of each homeowner. Whether you’re looking for a simple dog door that can easily be installed in your wood “people” door, or a window model that will give your curious cat access to a catio through your window, you can find the exact model you’re looking for at Hale.

A Good Investment in Your Pet’s Wellbeing

We recognize that our customers make an investment in the health and happiness of their pet with every purchase. That is why we have an unmatched five-year warranty on all of our products to ensure that our customers receive a product that meets our high company standards. When you invest in a top-quality Hale Pet Door, you get to watch your pet enjoy a life of the happiness and freedom they deserve.

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