Audrey and Myles, terriers from Waxhaw, North Carolina
Audrey and Myles - Waxhaw, North Carolina
Hi, our names are Audrey and Myles (with the yellow bandana) and we are Terrier mixes. Stuart, our owner, works from home in an upstairs office. We just love to make him open the back door every 2 minutes to lets us in or out all day long. He finally got the hint and got us the best made Pet Door in the world from Hale Pet Door. Handyman Matters in Concord did a fantastic job installing it, very detailed and neat. (Myles here: "I'm so smart it only took me about 10 minutes to get the idea of letting myself out.) (Audrey here:  "Myles thinks he is so smart.  I'm just a little more timid.  After all, I'm a lady.  But after Myles showed me a couple of times I got the hang of it too.") Now we can both go out in the yard at will to bark at birds, frogs and any sounds we can hear in a 1 mile radius. Thanks Hale!