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Date Posted: June 21, 2023

No Matter How Big Your Dog is, We Have the Right Doggie Door

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Big dog running outside after using her doggie door.

Are you the proud owner of a big pooch? If so, you may be considering a doggie door for big dogs. But how do you ensure that you get the right size door that can accommodate them? Measuring a dog for a dog door can be a challenge, especially for your lovable giant. 

Keep reading to learn how to choose the right size doggie door for large breeds, what you should be looking for to ensure that your doggie is safe and comfortable, and why Hale Pet Doors are the best dog door for large dogs.

Crack the Code to Choosing the Right Doggie Door for Your Mighty Pooch.

Discovering the perfect doggie door for your large and unique pooch is an exhilarating journey. With varying sizes and proportions, it’s crucial to find a custom fit. Consider both width and height to meet your dog’s specific needs. However, a remarkable dog door encompasses more than just size—it ensures your dog’s well-being, energy efficiency, and home security.

When choosing a doggie door, prioritize durability. Opt for materials like extruded aluminum instead of plastic, reinforced corners, and sturdy flaps, strikes, and magnets. If you’re considering a wall-mounted unit, ensure the tunnel is equally robust.

Cracking the code to finding the ideal doggie door guarantees a seamless transition for your energetic pup while maintaining your home’s security. With this resilient portal, your dog will experience freedom, and you’ll revel in the satisfaction of a well-designed and long-lasting addition to your home. Embark on this exciting quest and unleash your mighty pooch’s joyous adventures.

Unlock the Pawfect Fit with Our Barktastic Breed Sizing Guide and Sizing Tips

Discovering the perfect-sized pet door for your furry friend is made easy with Hale Pet Door’s Breed Sizing Guide and Sizing Tips. Our guide provides assistance in selecting the ideal pet door size based on your dog’s breed. While there can be variations within breeds, this guide offers a starting point to determine the most suitable doggie door size. Keep in mind the potential growth of a puppy and choose a size that will accommodate them as they mature.

We offer a range of options with 12 standard pet door sizes, including seven large sizes: Large, Tall Large, Tall Large Plus, Extra Tall Large, Extra Large, Extra Large Plus, and Giant. To ensure a precise fit, it is crucial to measure your pet accurately. Visit our sizing information page for detailed instructions on measuring your dog (or cat) for a pet door. Consider your pet’s width, height, and weight when making your selection. With Hale Pet Door, finding the perfect fit for your beloved companion is a breeze.

Extra Big Dog Doors – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top questions we’re gotten about choosing a pet door for an especially large animal.

Can I install a gigantic doggie door myself, or do I need professional installation for larger dogs?

Most dog doors you can install yourself, even if it’s for a big dog. Our installation instructions cover our various models. For a non-standard door or wall, consider professional installation.

What types of doors or walls are suitable for installing a doggie door for big dogs?

A big dog door can be installed in a wood or metal door, garage door, or interior wall of nearly every type and thickness. Hale gives you different wall unit thickness choices.

Can the same doggie door accommodate both big dogs and smaller pets in the household?

Of course. Choose a pet door size that ensures the comfort of your largest animal and any special considerations they may have. A senior dog may need a bit more room.

Why Choose Hale Pet Door for Your Big Dog

We manufacture strong and durable doggie doors for big dogs and can accommodate tall and skinny dogs, as well as wider and taller dogs. Our premium pet doors are made from extruded aluminum with steel-reinforced corners, PVC vinyl flaps, heavy-duty magnets, and steel strikes, and multiple types of weather stripping. All our dog doors are expertly crafted in-house at our U.S. factory, with no outsourced parts. They are more durable than the competition and last a very long time. 

For the best large pet door on the market, shop dog doors and choose Hale.

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