Cassie - Sarasota, FL

Can't thank you enough for your fine product! Cassie uses her Hale.. all the time... she likes it so much that she goes out.. just so she has the thrill of being able to come back in... she was orphaned and chained on a porch when rescued. I've got a couple of acres.. NO FENCE.. she comes and goes.. but never leaves.. she loves her house and patrols it ALL NIGHT LONG.. and uses her Hale .. continuously... using a spray of formula 409.. keeps her Hale clean and sparkling... thanks again.. and Cassie thanks you ..
We love our Jack.. (Jack Russell Terrier)
she deserves the best!
She deserves, HALE!
Bless your program which discounts for Rescued Animals.
Cassie came to us from St. Petersburg Pet Rescue.