Tinkerbelle and Pete, a cat and a betta fish, from Canon City, Colorado
Tinkerbelle (and Pete) - Canon City, Colorado
Hello, my name is Tinkerbelle.  You already met my other roommates, Dusty (another cat) and Mickee (a keeshond).  They both think they rule the roost but I am the queen of the castle.  As you can probably tell by looking, I'm on the dining room table which is a "no-no" but how else am I supposed to visit my friend Pete.  He's a betta fish as you can probably tell by looking.  Since my name is Tinkerbelle, my people named him Peter Pan (cause he's my best friend) and they call him Pete for short.  And he does the funniest thing.  Whenever they hold a little mirror up to his tank he puffs up and swims around like crazy.  What an ego!  That's when they laugh and call him "Pete" and "Re-Pete".  Ha-ha.  When I'm not hanging out with my animal friends, I love to find a nice box to curl up in.  Doesn't matter what's in it already, scarves, puzzle pieces, slides, legos, you name it.  As long as it's in a box, I'll lay on it.  Actually, I'll pretty much get in the middle of anything you are trying to do, read, scrapbook, paperwork, etc.  After all, I am the center of attention, aren't I?  Oops, here comes someone.  Better get off the table before they catch me. ;-)