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Two legs or four.
Everybody loves their Hale Pet Door!

I absolutely love my Hale pet door! The dogs were using it by the end of the first day and they love it! Thank you for making a donation to the Nashville Humane Society for my purchasing my pet door! What a great reward to pay it forward!

Nikki S. - Old Hickory, TN

This door is amazing. The basement is at least 10 degrees warmer now.

Campbell - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Had your doors for over 10 years - this is the first replacement part. Great Product!

Ericka D. - Cardiff, CA

Wow, that's awesome.  ("that" referring to our donation through our Rescue Rewards program to the shelter in Summit County) You guys really have a great company!  I can't wait to recommend you guys to everyone we know.  The door looks great as well, our contractors haven't installed it yet, so I can't wait to see it in operation.

Thanks so much again.  We will be contacting you this summer again to purchase the weather protection/house that goes on the outside.  We'll determine that once the final grade occurs on the new house.  


Jill C. - Dillon, CO


Please note:  I have 5 rescued dogs, 3 rescued cats, and am a previous owner of another Hale Door installed in a wall. 

Dexter was adopted in 1999 from Pasadena Humane (Los Angeles County)
Minetta was adopted from Wasco Animal Shelter in 2004 (Kern County)
Pepe(2002) and Maggie (2000) were adopted through Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue (Lebec, California).  That rescue is no longer in operation.

I also have 3 cats, 2 shelter rescued , 1 dumped on the streets of Bakersfield.

When we moved to our new house, your company was the first place I thought of in order to get a sturdy pet door based on my prior experience, as well as the traffic that door will have to take. 

Just thought I'd let you know.

Many thanks for your great product - I'm looking forward to no more flies in the house.

Kind regards, JoAnne K____

JoAnne K. - Bakersfield, CA

I wanted to let you know we received the door and are very pleased!
The door is great!  Your customer service is EXCELLENT!!!!!!
Thank you thank you!
We are adopting a retired greyhound, and to move forward in the adoption process we were required to have a dog door.
Thanks you so much for helping  us out.

Jeannete S. - Fresno, CA

Hi Jen,

I'm very pleased to support both Heaven Can Wait and Hale... this is the second door we've installed (our first was in Vegas). We have a delightful girl-cat named Tandoori (originally, Tatiana) that we got from the shelter about 7 years ago. Thank you for doing such good things for both the community and your customers (the four-footed kind and the ones who pay for the doors)!

John, customer from California

John G. - Arroyo Grande, CA

Got the doggie door and has been put in the new door.  My 2 papillions are using it, one is a little more aggressive than the other who is not quite sure, but she is learning.  However, the cats are curious, but have not pushed it open, but will go through if someone opens for them.  I am sure this will all work out.

Thanks for your help in purchasing the right door.  It looks nice and blends in well.  I will recommend you to others.

Sarai and Thomas W. - Toomsuba, MS

Thank you Heidi Mueller (customer service representative) for assisting myself when I was not able to order replacement parts off your web site. I spoke with a lady name Peggy (customer service representative) by phone and found out that the door flaps etc. were covered by warranty. It's good will by people like you that motivated myself to tell everyone in my network to buy Hale doors. Early next year you will be receving another order for my second Hale door. Thanks again!

Charlie C. - Surprise, AZ

I would just like to say thanks much for your assistance and product. I contacted your office when I was trying to place my order due to having trouble with shipping address versus billing address (on my debit card). Jan (customer service represetative) was very helpful in getting this problem resolved so my order was able to be processed.

Carrie L - Granite Falls, WA

What a wonderful thing your company does!  Not only do you make amazingly well-thought-out and well-constructed pet doors, but you do this fantastic service of rewarding pet adopters *and* the shelters.  I'm a huge new fan of Hale Pet Door  :-)

Karin M. - Berkeley, CA

That is so great that you guys will be matching the discount as a donation to ARF (The Animal Rescue Foundation)! You have my business, and the business of those i know who needs pet doors, for life.

Chris N. - Concord, CA

This order is perfect, and I look forward to receiving my new dog door.  Thank you for your help placing my order, and I am so happy that you will contribute to a very good charity who will help the dogs affected by the midwest floods and tornados.

Kudos to Hale Pet Doors. Again, I thank you.  Sincerely, Linda P.

Linda P. - Front Royal, VA

We just want to say thank you for making a donation and a difference in the pet world! There are soooooo many wonderful pets that deserve a second chance and you are trying to help. I thank you and we all know they thank you too!

Keep up the great work and the service you provide to help our pets come and go as they please.

Terry C.

Terry C. - Knoxville, TN

     After 20 years of constant use our Hale Pet Door™ Wall Model finally needed one of its two clear flap doors replaced. We are very involved in dog activities so there have always been multiple dogs inside needing access to the outside. The Hale Pet Door™ has been a vital asset in keeping our house dogs happy and exercised, especially when we are not at home to let them out when they needed to go.      

     Hilarow Kennels is located in the north eastern corner of Oregon where the summers are hot, the winters are cold, and the wind can be frightening. In all but the highest winds the two flap doors stay snuggly in place held by the magnets. If they do start to move then we insert the solid slider door until the worse blowing is over. The air space between the two flap doors of the Wall Model lessen the affect of the outside temperatures on the inside temperatures and the house remains comfortable at where we have set the thermostat.

     We would like to commend the Hale Pet Door™ manufacturer for producing a product that has remained in top condition over the years. The Wall Model is of durable construction and looks almost as good as when it was new. It seemed very expensive when we purchased it 20 years ago it but since that time it has proven itself to have been a good investment for our home.  

Sincerely, Cynthia H.
Hilarow Kennels

Cynthia H. - Pendleton, OR

Thanks for quick correction on the mis-shipped item.  Truly terrific customer service.

Lou H. - Mooresville, NC

Hi Jen,
That is great to hear. (that Hale Pet Door would be making a pet rescue donation) My wife and I really appreciate companies such as yours that give back to worthy causes.
This is actually the third Hale dog door that we have purchased. We bought our first Hale door when we were living in New Orleans. We went with the Giant Wall Model (we had a mid-size Sharpei mix and a 120+lbs wolf hybrid, both of whom unfortunately passed away a few years ago). My wife and I were very impressed with the quality of the product and the ease of installation. After Hurricane Katrina we moved to the Detroit area and needed to get a new dog door since the old one was left behind. We didn't think twice about ordering the Hale Giant Door Model for our new house (we still had our huge wolf-hybrid at that point, so Giant was again the way to go). 
We have since moved to a new home in the area that requires two dog doors (one to go from the house to the garage and then one to go from the garage to the yard.) We took the Hale Giant door with us and now are purchasing the Hale Extra Large door to complete the route to the back yard. Our two young rescue dogs (a mid-size Ridgeback/Shepherd mix and a large Malamute/Golden mix) love the freedom that the Hale pet door gives them. It's also perfect for my wife and I since we don't have to worry about the pups being stuck in either the house or outside all day when we have other places to be.
Thanks again for making such fine quality products and also for offering discounts to your customers and donations for rescue centers and shelters. We will never buy a pet door from anywhere else and will continue to recommend your products to our friends. 
Best Regards,
Chris S.

Chris S. - Wyandotte, MI

Hello Jennifer,

We just want to say thank you for making a donation and a difference in the pet world! There are soooooo many wonderful pets that deserve a second chance and you are trying to help. I thank you and we all know they thank you too!

Keep up the great work and the service you provide to help our pets come and go as they please.

Terry C. - Knoxville, TN

Just a quick note to say how satisfied I am with this dog door. I had it installed by Dog Doors by David here in Austin several months ago. I have a greyhound, a mid sized terrier and a chihuahua. I had to get the big door for obvious reasons. These dogs go in and out of this door hundreds of times a day and love their freedom. I love my freedom also by the way. I wish I would have had this door installed years ago. You have a great quality product that is well worth the money. Thank you,

Steve M. - Austin, TX

I just received my "through the wall pet door" that I ordered from you this past week.  Quite honestly up until today I was somewhat taken back by the price, that is, until I opened the box.  The quality and workmanship of your pet door were immediately obvious.  Nowhere in a retail setting will you find anything nearly as well designed or made.  I am very happy I made the decision to spend a few extra dollars and obtain such a quality piece of workmanship.  Best of all, it is made right here in the USA. 

I am already a very satisfied customer. 

Thank you for the fine work.

Art S. - Kendall Park, New Jersey

Wow, the best product and gives a courtesy (prior customer) discount too?  Thank you for being such a great company! Like we said, you are truly the best in doggie doors!

Lance S. - Los Alamitos, CA

Thank you so much for such great service.  We received our flaps replacement kit order today.  WOW quick delivery.  Easy install, looks great.  Thank you again, you made this so easy for us, what a great product.  We are so happy we invested in your product years ago.  We always recommend your production to our family and friends.  Thank you for investing in improving the quality of life for our little family members.  This is much appreciated.  Our boy's (dog's) thank you also!!!!

Lucy S. - Phoenix, AZ

We have had four of your doors plus my sister has had two and we all love them.  They look like the day we installed them.  We just keep moving so we seem to always be ordering another one.  Also bought one for my daughter's home so when she doggie sits, Maddie knows the routine she is used to.  Thanks for the quality you put into these.  Wow have they made our life easier!!

Janice C. - Federal Way, WA

11/23/2010 -- Hello! I could not be more happy with my new Hale pet door! I researched alot on which door to buy (was replacing an old one) and I wanted a nicer, more durable, energy efficient door that looked better than the unsightly one I used to have.
I wasn't totally sure why the Hale pet door was so much more expensive than some other brands I considered, but the reviews I read convinced me this was the best door I could find so I purchased it and could not be more pleased. After receiving and installing it, I don't have to wonder what the extra money was spent on!? It is really awesome quality, was easy to install (did it myself, which surprised me that I could install it by myself through a wall - I am handy about wasn't sure about doing this one alone)!? It looks absolutely fantastic!
Updated 04/20/2011 - The door is holding up great! I have noticed a HUGE difference in the insulation qualities compared to the old dog door I had.  Keep up the good work! Danelle

Danelle E. - Dallas, TX

This whole experience was exceptional.  I would highly recommend this (Hale) to friends.

Tanya F. - Oro Valley, AZ

Love my Hale pet doors. I installed 7 of them in my home in Kentucky many years ago. When I moved last year I never considered installing any other brand/type of door in my new kennel area. Hale doors are definitely an excellent example of getting what you pay for. I expect to get many years of excellent, carefree service from these doors as I did from my Hale doors in my previous house. Thank you  for a great product !

Joy C. - Harlan, KY

Thank you! We are looking forward to getting the door.  It's wonderful that you donate to rescue organizations. We have 2 large dogs--both rescues and they are awesome family members.  We will recommend Hale to others looking for a pet door.

Cheri and Paul H. - Longmont, CO

You guys are the best.  I would recommend you to anyone who wants or needs a doggy door.

Jeff A. - Oro Valley, AZ

Did a wonderful job! We now have very happy dogs.

Susan M. - Phoenix, AZ

We just wanted to say that we are so pleased with our new dog door.  My husband appreciated the easy installation and we can't believe how wind/cold proof this door is.  It meets and exceeds our hopeful expectations!  And its a fantastic bonus to support a company that is so supportive of animal rescue and will make a donation to the group where we got one of our fur babies.  Thanks so much!

Jill S. - Woodbridge, VA

Thank you! I love the product...thanks for the help yesterday.

Paula J. - Tucson, AZ

Thanks to Hale Pet Door for helping out the animal shelters.  Nice to see a company giving something extra to make an animal's life better.  We had a very good experience with the people at the Rifle Animal Shelter when we picked out Dexter Dog and I am sure that they will appreciate the donation.

The new door was easily installed the day of arrival and is performing flawlessly.  The new door actually replaced a smaller existing Hale door that was still performing flawlessly after 15 years.  Hated to replace a perfectly good pet door, but I felt that Dexter would appreciate a larger door as he matured and filled out.

Dave and Vallerie S. - Pine, CO

Just wanted to pass along a little "thank you" and let you know that I was very glad I ordered from your company. A company that gives back - even if its 37.50 - really makes a difference. I ordered a doggie door, listed the adoption agency we got our Golden from and got the discount. Today I recieved an email from the adoption agency with a very big thank b/c they had recieved a dontaion in my honor from Hale Pet Door. See below snipit from their email: "We received a donation from Hale Pet Door for $37.50 in your honor. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! We were so excited to receive the donation and it came at just the right time as we urgently needed it for medical expenses. Thank you for your generosity!"

Thanks again to all those at Hale Pet Door that believe in giving back and making a difference.

Heather D. - Fairview, TX

Many thanks.  I did not know about your strong commitment to pet rescue.  We have two rescue cats and one dog and are involved with SAVE, our local no-kill animal shelter and advocacy group.

Brian M. - Princeton, NJ

We wanted to share with you how happy we are with our new (wall) Hale dog door.  With all the bugs in Texas, we are confident that the double-flap will prevent any crawly creatures from gaining entrance to our home through the dog door. Thank you, too for your recommendation to contact a local installer,  Dog Doors by David.   We were apprehensive as they had to cut the opening through a limestone wall.  They were very professional, customer oriented and the installation was perfect.  We would highly recommend them to anyone in the Austin, Texas area needing  a dog door installed.

Vic and Dawn S. - Austin, TX

I just completed scheduling an appointment with your Glendale, AZ store.  The salesman, Jason, was very helpful and a pleasure to talk with.  Tell Mr. Hale that he installed my pet door in 1994 and the quality of employees has not changed.

Danny P. - Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for providing fantastic service.

Beata B. - Valencia, CA

I love the door! It fits perfectly, and the dogs had no trouble adjusting at all.  It is soooo much more air tight than the one I had! The fact that you also donate and give a discount to those who rescue dogs is so wonderful! What a kind and thoughtful act of kindness that is! I really appreciate the fact that you do care.  Thanks again.

Joanne E - Newton, Iowa

Thank you for taking such good care of us!!!

Judy T. - St. Charles, Illinois

I wanted to tell you that Hale's donation made a huge impact in deciding which dog door to order.  Their commitment to help rescue animals means so much. I'm sure my grehyound will love the easy access in our new house.  Many thanks.

Valerie S. - Lakewood, CO

...I must say I have always been more than happy with my Hale Pet Door and will continue to recommend Hale to other pet owners and friends.  Again, thank you very much.

Dave R. - Bailey, CO

Thank you and Hale Pet Door so much for their generous donation to the Guilford County Animal Shelter.  That is a great program they have in place to help rescued/adopted pet facilities.  I just wanted to take a moment and thank the company for thinking beyond the sale of the ‘doggie door’!

June A., Guilford County Animal Shelter, Greensboro, NC

Your company from top to bottom is very professional and courteous.  I've had three doggie doors installed in our three homes and I always refer/recommend your services because you're the best.

Sandy B. - Marana, AZ

The Hale products are the best.  I have two in the wall units installed in my home.

Glenn M. - Temecula, CA

I recently cleaned our pet door.  I was surprised in what condition it still is after eight years of heavy use (two dogs and several cats).  So I thought I send you some pics of how it looks now.  Thanks for this great product - I would buy it again!  Kind regards from Switzerland, Wolfgang

Wolfgang D. - Switzerland


It was great talking to you.  Thank you (and Hale) for making a difference in pets' lives.  This, the quality of your pet doors, and the great customer service we receive are all reasons that we keep coming back to Hale - and keep spreading the news to our friends, family, and co-workers about your company. 

Sincerely, Stephanie H.

Stephnie H. - Prescott Valley, AZ

Wow, that [prior customer discount] is awesome!! The door we presently have [purchased in 2006] has not shown any signs of wear or tear(other than the normal dog dirt!), and in the same amount of time I would have replaced another brand two, maybe three, times. (Italics added for clarification)

Linda G. - Sonora, CA

Hi Jen,
Thanks for your email. When I was told that not only would I receive a discount because I have rescue dogs, but that Hale was going to make a donation to the rescue organization of my choice, my mind was made up! What a great program. When my dog-loving buddies see the new door installed, I'll gladly tell them about Hale.
Grateful Dogs Rescue is an organization that makes a point of rescuing dogs who have reached the end of the shelter cycle and are often scheduled to be euthanized. A worthy group indeed.

Linda H. - San Francisco

Thank you so much for your service.  Heidi was amazing and I would work with her ANYTIME.  What lovely telephone manners! Don't ever get rid of her!

Mary Carolyn C. - Austin, TX

I'm so excited about the donation to SAFE House Rescue and Adoption.  I have adopted two dogs from them and think highly of them.  Thank you for your generosity!

Ruth Ann J. - Missouri City, TX

I'm impressed with your company in that not only did you give me a discount (for purchasing through our Rescue Rewards program), but also went to the effort to donate money to a worthy organization.  Keep up the good work.

Allen M. - Reno, NV

Dear Hale,

My wall mount pet door was installed today.  The contractor that installed it said he, "has never seen such a great product"!  He has installed many pet doors, but never one that has been designed and manufactured as well as a Hale.  I'm glad I purchased your product.  My critters will enjoy it and I will enjoy the efficiency of it too.

Michelle M. - Lewiston, ID

I'm so happy with my new door.  I must say I'm thrilled with a Hale door.  Greg, Jason and Tom were so professional.  I will refer your company to everyone.  Thanks.

Bill P. - Goodyear, AZ

Installer was excellent.  As always Hale Pet Door gives an excellent product and professional service.

Claudia J. - Gilbert, AZ

Exceptional representation of your company by your installer!  He was very nice and knowledgeable, his clean up and install was fantastic! Overall wonderful, well-rounded experience with Hale.  Keep up the great work!

Tricia M - Surprise, AZ

I have rescued cats, indoors only - the cat door allows them access to the enclosed patio which they love!  Thank you!

Cheri R. - Fountain Hills, AZ

The door has been installed in our new home and we are totally satisfied with it again - great customer service - we recommend your company to all our pet loving friends. Thanks for the (prior customer) discount!

Carol S - Hemet, CA

It’s a phenomenal product. I’ve had a Hale door for almost 20 years. It’s the best pet door ever made & I recommend it to people all the time.

Ivan S. - Cary, NC

Dear Mr. Hale, I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for hiring such wonderful people and maufacturing such a great product. I have had my door for a little over a week so I'm still training my dog. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the product and service. I've called a few times with various questions and feel as though I am going to trusted friends for advice. I will highly recommend your product to anyone with pets and would be happy to provide a testimonial. The door has been a great investment and looks good in the sash window. Installation was easy thanks to the instructions provided. I couldn't be happier with my experience! Thanks again, Heather

Heather N. - Jacksonville, FL

We just wanted to let you know how much we love your screen-mounted dog doors. We've had two of them for five years and other than replacing a few magnets, they are just as good as when we got them. Soon after adopting Beau, a collie-mix, we realized that we needed to do something so he didn't continue making his own opening in the screen doors. After researching doors, yours was the only company to make doors for larger dogs. We bought two tall-large doors and had them installed. Our door company was impressed with them and actually checked out your website themselves. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Barb, Rich and Beau (the dog) G.

Barbara G. - West Lafayette, IN

I received the doggie door and I'm very impressed with the quality. I installed it the next day and had my dog coming & going within a couple of hours. Thanks for your support!

John M. - De Leon Springs, FL

Oh wonderful!  By the way - you have really been great - I appreciate the personal touch with the company!  I've already recommended ya'll to two people today and I haven't even gotten the door yet!!


Ellen S. - Brunswick, GA

Mr. Hale's doors are by far the best and worth every penny!

Brad L. - Chandler, AZ

“I think the two main plusses I have for Hale doors are that you have a five–year warranty, which has been great when I’ve had to replace the flaps; and how well the double flaps do in high winds.  I live in the country and we get a lot of wind.  Your flaps handle it better than other dog doors on the market.  I tell all my friends and neighbors about your doors.”

Olivia - Colorado Springs, CO

These folks are the most professional, patient & polite people who truly are what customer service is all about!

Suzy K.-Gilbert, AZ

I truly appreciate the excellent customer service and integrity that you and your staff have displayed, and you can rest assured that you have a new lifelong customer in Dallas, Texas.  On behalf of my two German Shepherds and myself, thank you and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Alan S. - Carrollton, TX

This is our 3rd install in 24 years & we've always been pleased.  Says something too about the durability of your product!

Susie H.-Tempe, AZ

My door looks great!  I am very happy!

Kathy P. - Phoenix, AZ

Tom was exceptionally nice and knowledgable on the phone.  This is the 4th Hale door that I have purchased.  I'm very satisfied.  Thanks.  Excellent service!  I wish all businesses still operated this way!

Harley C. - Chandler, AZ

We purchased 2 of the double flap in the wall doors in 2005. We live in the mountains of Colorado. It gets below 0 on a regular basis & the doors still work great. The doors keep the areas much warmer than any other dog door we have used. We found out about the doors from a friend that loved his.

The other day when we were removing snow one of the exterior doors got ripped. I was glad to see I could still order a replacement.

Thanks for helping us keep our heating bills down.

Johanna J. - Gypsum, CO

It's 10 below in Boulder, and there is not a puff of frigid air coming in through my double flap, through-the-wall, doggie door! wish the same could be said for my glass doors and windows! you guys are awesome!

Judy M. - Boulder, CO

About 20 years ago, I purchased one of your 2 flap doors and had it installed. I also purchased a few years later one of your replacement kits in the event that I would have to fix the door. I wanted to make sure that I did not have an "orphan" product where you could not get parts. I bought the replacement parts in 1999! After almost 20 years, I finally replaced the flaps with the set I got in 1999! (The current date is January 20, 2009). And I was amazed that I can still buy replacement parts for this door! Your products are very well made and last well past my expectations. I have had as many as 6 dogs at a time using this door many times a day for many years. The least number of dogs that I have had is 3. You can imagine that this door is very well used. I would rate this product as a AAAAAAAAA+. You cannot go wrong with this door.

Steve and Judy H. - Shamong, NJ

I purchased a Giant Hale Omni Panel pet door in 1993 and wanted you to know how well is it made. After 15 years and 3 wild Labrador Retrievers and a cat who uses the doggy door, my door survived Hurricane Ike's winds, while taking off my neighbor's siding and part of my other neighbor's roof. I live in League City, Texas, which is halfway between Houston and Galveston - 30 miles inland. The flap need to be replaced after so many years but the panel to lock it and the entire Omni panel held up beautifully. Hale Pet Door has such a quality product that is safe for dogs with handicaps (my first lab), energetic dogs (my present chocolate and black labs), and cats, too. I enjoy the freedom that Hale Pet Doors gives all my pets. Your door is the only one I would recommend. As soon as I fix my fence (the wind snapped the fence posts even with the grass), I'll be buying another one.

Dianne S. - League City, TX

Thank you very much. Our doxies love their dog door & we love having a Hale pet door.

Ryan G. & Megan F.

Absolutely one of the best customer service experiences of my life.  I thought the service stopped at the phone call but the installer made the entire experience a joy.  Thank you for such a great job.  I will recommend Hale.

Mike W.

I previously had a Hale Pet door installed in 2002.  I heard about Hale thru listening to KFYI radio commercials.  I was 100% sold on Hale and when I adopted a larger dog, was pleased to use Hale's superior doors once again.

Ellie H & Ron S - Phoenix, AZ

Installer was great.  Did excellent job.  VERY Professional.  This is my second Hale Pet door.  I love it and makes my dogs and I very happy.

Robin B. - Phoenix, AZ

This is our 2nd Hale Pet security door.  The best investment we make when it comes to our pets.

Jenifer T - Phoenix, AZ

I give both the installer and product a 10 out of 10.  I never fill out these surveys, but made an exception because I wanted to let you know that the installer was terrific.

Jamey C. - Phoenix, AZ

Hale Pet Door is the best ever for sales and service for pet doors.  Hale Rocks!!!

B. Cook - Denver, CO

I bought a Hale Security Pet Door when I first moved into this house some 15 years ago. I spoke with you at that time and asked if it would be possible to have flaps placed on both sides of the unit. At the time flaps on both sides apparently weren't an option but you agreed to place them for me. The door has been in continuous use every day since installation, first by our German Shorthair named Pepsi and now by our new puppy, a Labrador Retriever named Gringo. I'm not even going to guess how many times those two flaps have swung back and forth but it has to be on the order of tens of thousands. At first I balked at paying so much for a "doggy door" but after doing some shopping around found that there are no other manufacturers producing the quality of unit you produce. It turned out to be one of the best investments I've ever made. I installed the unit myself one Saturday morning and that's the last time I've had to deal with it. It has performed flawlessly for the last 15 years with little or no maintenance. The old cliché "You get what you pay for" really applies when it comes to your product.


We've had other pet doors, know people with doors from other manufacturers, and our experience with two Hale pet doors has been 100% positive. Both doors have been in use for 9 years and, in a very challenging application, they've worked spectacularly. Even more important has been the patient and attentive customer service we've received. Hale pet doors are worth every penny they cost. They are well-made, secure and very pet-friendly.

Mary R and her Malamutes on a west-facing hilltop in windy White Heath, IL

I ordered one of your thru the wall doors in January 2004. My dog is connected to her back yard and my 3 season room while I am at work. It has been a godsend for her and I because it gives her freedom during the day to go where ever she wants to be. I'm sure she's been thru that door a million times - she's very busy! She'll also stand half in and half out watching the neighborhood. I have been amazed that the flap has taken so much use and abuse from her and finally today (February 6, 2009), I had to order a replacement flap. I hope the new one lasts as long as the original. Thanks for an awesome product!

Sharon F. - Muscatine, IA

Dear Mysia: What a great crew you have here. Tom called me right away; the price was reasonable; and an appointment set right away....and then there are all the wonderful upgrades that have been made to the doors. I was thrilled when Tom told me about the colors and that I could have a different color on each side. Your technician - Eric - was here today.....now there is a person who is a super credit to your company.....personable, courteous, professional, efficient and very tidy. And....I love my new Hale Pet Door.....the dogs are in awe because they have a wonderful BIG new door and don't bump their backs on the frame. Eric also showed me the other upgrades - like the specially treated interior wrap, the interior flashing and the outside flange to help keep water out of the door/wall. Thank you, thank you, thank you.......for an even higher quality product and for great sales/installation people. -- Sincerely, Bette

Bette J. - Apache Junction, AZ

The door arrived and I fully expected that I would need to hire a professional installer. However, after reading the well-explained installation instructions, I thought, "hey, I can do this!" I am happy to report that installation was a breeze and it looks fantastic. My Golden Retriever figured out how to use it in less than 2 minutes. Thanks again for manufacturing a quality product!!

Lesley P. & Echo - Sachise, TX

I am impressed with the quality of this door.  We are very happy with our decision to go with your company and would recommend you to anyone. Frank (the installer) did an excellent job and his workmanship was impeccable.  He was courteous and professional!

Judy P. - Queen Creek, AZ

Thanks again for all your help on Tuesday. I'm blown away by how open, honest, and trusting you've been. We're really glad to be able to replace the cat door--it's made a huge difference in the quality of life for the humans and cats in the house. Thanks again.

Melissa J. - Seattle, WA

I installed the custom pet door I ordered from Hale yesterday and I am extremely impressed with this product. I have installed various different manufacturers pet doors over the years and this particular Hale Pet Door by far was the easiest and it looks amazing. Most importantly my customer is extremely please with the appearance and functionality of the double flap concept. I will recommend Hale Pet Door for any of my future customers. Working with you and Hale made this a breeze. Thanks.

Michael A. - Lake Villa, IL

I wanted to write and say how amazed I have been with my new pet door. We switched from a single flap, BRAND X pet door to a Hale pet door with double insulating flaps and it has made a HUGE difference! Our electric bill has been significantly lower for every month this summer since we installed our new door, and that is despite the fact that energy prices have increased 30%. I was expecting to have the insulated door pay for itself in a few years, but it has only taken FIVE MONTHS. We have been trying to make our house more energy efficient…it makes sense financially and is also good for the environment. I wish we had switched to an insulated door years ago-I had no idea it would make such a big difference. And, of course, my dogs love it! Thanks so much from a very satisfied customer.

Sheri S. - Austin, TX

I purchased the Giant pet door nearly 3 years ago and installed it myself. I thought this was a lot to spend on the pet door and subsequently had high expectations for product satisfaction. An outstanding product for the price! Fit, finish and durability all outstanding. The Great Danes use it like a raceway.

Cort H. - Waterloo, IL

There are two very active Pomeranians living here who use the door...a lot. We also frequently watch a friend's Jack Russell Terrier, so the door certainly gets a workout. We live just a few blocks from the ocean in Virginia Beach, VA, and this year we experienced two tropical storms, Alberto and Ernesto, as well as that very nasty Nor'easter we had just a few weeks ago. I don't know if you're familiar with Nor'easters but they are usually harder on this area than hurricanes in duration, force, and storm damage. In short they are quite scary. This last Nor'easter carried winds that were near hurricane-force. Enough so that a heavy 6" ceramic pot filled with a plant & soil was blown several feet off a low table on the patio. That table was just a couple of feet from the doggie door. We were prepared to cover the door but never had to and were very impressed that the door didn't blow open with all that wind.

Tracy B. - Virginia Beach, VA

I recently ordered a Hale double-flap pet door.  It is absolutely excellent, it does indeed prevent allergens, dust, etc. from coming through and I’m a happy and satisfied customer.  I was so pleased I recommended it to a friend and she also purchased one and reported it’s wonderful.  My corgi loves to sit at the door with her nose and/or head out the pet door to “guard” the backyard and her body can stay inside where it’s cool.

Ann R. - Midland, TX

I was very happy with all aspects of dealing with your company and will be pleased to recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

Shean G. - Fort Collins, CO

I heard about your company from the Spike Odell show on WGN (Chicago) and had to email him to say how great your door is.  Thanks.

Jean P. - Huntley, IL

Ron (the installer) did a GREAT job and was a joy to work with.  This is our FOURTH Hale Pet Door, so that tells you how pleased we are with the product.  This time we installed the door in the sliding glass door for the first time and we love it.

Richard Y. - Brighton, CO

Dear Hale Security Pet Door,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how delighted my whole family is with your panel-style dog door. We have two Akitas, each about 90 pounds, who used to spend many happy hours every day requesting to be let out...and out....and in... There isn't a convenient location to install an in-wall pet door that would let my girls go into the backyard, so a sliding door panel-style was the only way to go. I asked a friend who also owns two Akitas, and he recommended Hale, as he has TWO dog doors and was very pleased with them. I called your shop to place my order and was delighted with the personal attention. The panel arrived and was as easy to install as promised; my dogs AND my daughter found it was simple to learn how to use. Since then, life has fewer ups and downs...or rather, fewer ins and outs (that I had to assist with, anyhow!). The dogs are delighted at their empowerment, and sometimes choose the "six of one, half dozen of the other" option by laying in the house with their noses out the dog flap. Even dogs like the best of both worlds! Thanks again for making such high quality products, having such nice people taking care of your customer's needs, and providing a little something extra to dog rescue organizations.


I can’t believe I didn’t do this when we adopted our dog three years ago.  The indoor accidents have dropped to almost zero!  We’re all much happier!  Thank you.

Jennifer V. - Phoenix, AZ

The experience with Hale was pleasant and I feel confident I made a good decision to go with your company.

Kim H. - Queen Creek, AZ

This is my third door installed by Hale.  I am in construction and I often refer your product and pass out your brochures.  Devon (installer) was a great help and did a beautiful job!

mark G. - Green Valley, CO

I love that Ronnie (installer) saved the wall pieces and let me know that Hale could replace them if I decided to cover the pet door!  Thanks Ronnie!!

Teri T. - Higley , AZ

Thanks Eric (installer)!  Excellent service.  Thanks for fitting me in on short notice.  May want an additional door for a second patio.

Kay V. - Phoenix, AZ

Great job.  It's nice to know a company cares.

Suzanne C. - Laveen, AZ

Door is awesome and looks hot!

Steve A. - Tempe, AZ

You guys are awesome.  What else can you do besides pet doors?  You guys are so thorough!  Eric (installer) was very thorough and polite.  I love the fact that he cleaned up so well.  You guys really go the extra mile to provide great customer service.  Thank you.

Suzanne C. - Tucson, AZ

Eric was wonderful – came early, did a super job with no mess.  I was impressed and will recommend you to everyone.  The best professional we have had here in ages.  Thank you!

Katie W. - Arizona

From the initial call to Glenn (franchise manager), then the door measurement, to lastly the installation, every one concerned was very courteous, considerate and professional.  As for the product – it is worth every dollar spent!!

Steve G. - Littleton, CO

In our neighborhood we have gathered 7 or 8 (I’ve lost count) of our neighbors to go with the best, Hale!  Your doors are just simply outstanding!!!

Steele C. - Mesa, AZ

Third time I’ve used Hale.  Excellent!

Alicia B. - Phoenix, AZ

This is the 4th Hale Pet Door I have purchased. The Hale Pet Door is the only pet door that I would buy. Your staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable.


This is my second door I have purchased from Hale and am very pleased.  Thank you.

Linda W. - Henderson, CO

Glenn, Thank you for all you did for us in explaining and input on this installation.  Your installers were top notch and professional and polite.

Joe G. - Denver

This is your 4th door I have had installed.  Every one of them have been great and the installers great.  Thanks!

Frances D. - Phoenix, AZ

Very pleased with door appearance and functionality! Thank you.

Kathy V. - Aurora, CO

I’ve been wanting and looking for several years.  Now I have my want/wish. Thank you.

Phyllis B. - Fountain, CO

My wife and I want to thank you very much for installing your fabulous "doggie" door for us. We particularly want to express our appreciation to the installer who re-installed it so cheerfully. It was a job well done. There is not one whiff of cold air entering around or through it. We are really pleased with the door and feel that the laundry room and kitchen are warmer than they have ever been during the cold winter months.

J. and K. P. - Castle Rock, CO

Installing a Hale Security Pet Door was one of the best things we have ever done. We have had dogs for many years and now we know how much easier life could have been over the years.

M. & R. Y.

A positive experience throughout. Quality product, professionally sold & installed. Staff was outstanding.


This was the 3rd pet door you installed for us.  Always a great job!

Janice Williams - Tucson, AZ

I wish we had heard of you sooner! We've gone through 2 temporary doors that really didn't suit our needs.

M.J. White-Tucson, AZ

My experience with your company was an absolute joy from initial contact to picking up our door, right up to your directions for installing it. I did the installation myself and everything went just like clockwork, the quality is awesome. The double flap system is the only way to go, and the added touch of the carpet inside the tunnel so the pets won't hurt themselves.


I was referred to Hale by a friend who is very happy with her pet door. While expensive, the quality is obvious over less expensive doors sold at large pet retail stores. The installation process was great. Frank, my installer, was pleasant, knowledgeable and professional.


...We are so pleased with the door and more pleased with the customer service we received. The measurements were correct, the service was timely, the installers were professional, the installation and cleanup went smoothly. I called Glenn and talked to him to thank him for a superior job and he told me if we had any problems to call and he would take care of it immediately. From what we have experienced so far, I trust he will.

L.S. - Westminster, CO

Thank you all! We love our pet door. Everyone from start to finish were wonderful! I will recommend your company highly!

Colleen De Foyd

Just want you to know that Charlie and Boomer love their dog dog but not as much as I do. It is the best investment we ever made and worth every penny! It is 18 degrees outside and the cold air isn't coming through at all. Thank you Bill for doing a great job on installation! (purchased custom designed window model to fit an awning window).

Judy S.- Pueblo, CO

You guys are the best. You have a lifetime customer here.

Clay - Tucson, AZ (purchased 1 custom glass model and 1 Onmi Panel)

I LOVE my Hale pet door! I am always spreading the word to folks about how they are the best.

Denice - Tyler, TX (volunteer with Greyhounds Unlimited Rescue)

Just had a great installation by Hale Pet Door -- Phoenix Franchise Greg did a fine job. First checking two potential locations on the exterior wall, locating electrical and structural items, and for ease of dogs access ( Rottweiler mix, and Shepard mix). After choosing the location He applied drop cloths and taped to wall both inside and out before cutting. Very professional service. I can recommend your Phoenix franchise to any one wishing an installation.

James B., Sr. -- Phoenix, AZ

This was a great experience. I should have done this years ago!

Tom, Glendale, AZ