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Date Posted: February 28, 2023

Top Benefits of an Interior Cat Door

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When you think of a cat door, you probably imagine it in a front or back door to allow a feline companion free access to the outdoors. But there are several reasons why you might want an interior or interior/exterior cat door.

Your feline may want to be an indoor-outdoor cat, but you might live in the city, on a busy street, or in a rural area with dangerous predators. A screened-in catio (cat patio) with an interior cat door is the perfect solution. Your cat can enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors safely in their own environment, without you having to keep opening and closing the door, which can save you in heating/cooling costs.

In this article, we present the top 5 benefits of having a cat door in your home. We also answer some questions you might have about cat doors.

Top 4 Reasons to Have an Interior Cat Door

An interior pet door for cats is a great idea because it can:

  1. Provide easy access to a hidden litter box. Keep the cat’s litter box hidden from visitors in a closed closet or laundry room and let the cat use it whenever they need to. 
  2. Make it easy to feed your cat separately from the dog(s). Using an indoor cat door lets you feed the cat separately in a closed room so dogs can’t get to the food and your kitty can eat in peace. Give them their food and water in a different place, away from other pets.
  3. Allow the cat into a closed-off room. This may be a guest room or even a closet that you like to keep closed but that the cat enjoys as their special place. Give them a private entrance with an interior wall or interior door pet door.
  4. Allow your cat into your bedroom. Whether it’s at night or during the day when you’re not home, if you’d like to allow your kitty into your boudoir while keeping the door closed, a cat door for bedroom door use is a great option. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Doors:

Here are some of the more common questions we get about cat doors (often called a dog door for cats).

Is it a Good Idea to Have a Cat Door?

A cat door gives your feline friend freedom of movement, whether it’s an interior cat door to a room or closet, or an interior/exterior door to give access to the backyard or a catio.

How do I Choose a Cat Door?

Look for a high-quality pet door with various sizes, styles, and installation options. Many cats can use a small dog door, but a larger or elderly cat may need a little extra room to use the pet door comfortably.

Where Can I Install a Cat Door Inside My Home?

Hale offers various pet door models, such as a cat door for inside door installation, a window screen, a sliding glass door, and a cat door for interior wall use like the one shown here. We give you many options.

Can You Put a Cat Door in a Bedroom Door?

Yes. A cat door for interior door use can be installed in a bedroom door so that your kitty can still access your bedroom, even if you need to keep the door closed.

How Do Cat Doors Differ from Dog Doors?

Special access doors for small kitties with no other pets that need to use them are often smaller than a typical dog door. When it comes to installation, cat doors are usually installed lower to the ground to make it easy for the cats to go through. 

Why Choose Hale for Your Indoor Cat Door?

As you see, there are several smart uses for interior pet doors for cats. Let your cat roam freely throughout your home, inside and outside, so you don’t have to play doorman for them.

If you’re looking at pet doors for cats, Hale Pet Door is the best choice. Why? Because, unlike other pet door companies, we use only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All our pet doors are made in the U.S., in our own factory, and we provide exceptional customer service.

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