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Date Posted: September 6, 2023

A Guide to Choosing the Right Cat Door for Your Feline Friend

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Is your cat itching to go outside? If you have a busy lifestyle (and who doesn’t?), it may be stressful to be always on duty to let them out and back in again. But cats love to explore the outdoors. What’s the solution? A cat door. There are various options, such as traditional door models that allow access to a yard, a window model that allows access to a catio, and a kitty door for internal house use. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the right cat door for your feline companion.

Provide Your Cat with Indoor/Outdoor Freedom

With their own entrance, your cat has the freedom to go outside and come back in whenever they wish, without having to wait for you to open the door. That’s the most common use for a kitty door, but there are other reasons to have one. For indoor cats living in a home with other animals, an interior cat door installed in a door or wall can provide indoor cat access to a closed room, laundry room, or even a closet. This can be for a separate dining area, hiding a litter box in a closet, or giving them a private place to sleep. A kitty door installed in a window can let your cat access their catio.  

Choosing the Ideal Cat Door for Your Feline Friend

How do you select the right kitty door for your furry friend? There are three main considerations. 

  • Safe – Select the right size for your cat and ensure that it’s installed in a location where they can safely use it.
  • Comfortable – The size and design should be appropriate for your cat’s height and width so that they’re comfortable going in and out, with no obstructions on either side.
  • Easy to use – How do you ensure that the kitty door is easy for your cat to use? It may require some pet door training and patience, especially with a timid feline.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cat Door

When shopping for a pet door for your kitty, consider these important points.

  • Size – You’ll need to measure your cat, so you get the best size for them. Does the company offer a wide range of sizes to choose from?
  • Design – Which type will best suit your needs? There are door models, wall models,  screen models, and in-glass models.
  • Installation – For a standard door or wall model, you may be able to install it yourself. Choose a pet door company that provides step-by-step instructions. More complicated installations may require a professional.   
  • Security Features – Is it designed with security features, like a heavy-duty frame, strong strikes and magnets to secure the flaps, and a lockable security cover? 

Energy efficiency is another consideration. Look for dual flaps and premium weatherstripping included in the door design.

The Hale Pet Door Difference

We use only the highest-quality materials for our pet doors, from an extruded aluminum frame, polyethylene security cover, and steel pin lock, to dual PVC vinyl flaps, stainless steel strikes, and heavy-duty magnets, and various types of weatherstripping. Our pet doors are made in our U.S. factory with no outsourced parts, and we provide personalized customer service.  Explore our premium cat door collection for your feline companion.

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