Wall Model

Flaps: Double flaps (one flap on each wall surface) made of flexible 3/16” clear PVC vinyl. 

Inner Frame:  Inner frame made of two separate metal extrusions.  Three sides entrap the security cover.  Both metals are .063” wall thickness.

Outer Frame: Extruded 6063-T5 aluminum with .063” wall thickness.  Designed to sleeve into the inside frame.

Alnico5 Magnets: A ¼” rod magnet 1 ½” long made from an aluminum, nickel and cobalt alloy known for its strength and durability. Door size determines number of magnets.

Strikes:  Made of ferrous stainless steel.  1 ½” long, ¾” tall and 1/32” thick.  U shaped with interior prongs, when squeezed onto the vinyl flap, the barbed prongs hold firmly.

Weather stripping:  Flap is surrounded by ½” nylon pile for maximum insulation. Nylon is woven into a backing 9/32” wide and 1/32” thick.

Tunnel:  Pre-assembled .040” aluminum wrapped around and riveted and sealed to the inner flange of the inside frame.  Attached to outer frame at install. 

Security Cover: 1/4” thick King Starboard® high density polymer sheet.  Extremely shock and impact resistant.  Has a 3/8” diameter locking hole

Cover Handle: A lightweight zinc alloy cabinet knob pull type handle in a satin nickel finish that is 25/32” wide, 19/32” tall and 53/64” deep with a 1/2” deep and 21/32” wide finger hole. It is attached to the cover with a 12 mm long zinc coated steel flat head Philips screw with a .70 thread size that is countersunk to prevent scratching the frame.

Pin Lock: A ¼” diameter positive action steel pin encased with 5/32” thick fabricated plated steel. 

Olefin Carpet: Stain, mold and mildew resistant carpet.  Covers both inner walls and bottom of the tunnel.  

Flashing:  Metal strip added to bottom of tunnel to make sure that any water is shunted to the outside of the wall.

Raincap: An awning like attachment that hooks to the outside frame for use in diverting water and preventing it from entering the pet door from above.  It is included as a standard component of the wall model but its use is optional.