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Screen Model Pet Door Technical Specifications

Hale Pet Door Screen Model Installed
Screen Model

The Hale Pet Door™ “Screen Model” is our most simple model.  Its three styles are designed or can be modified to fit into almost any screen door or window screen as well as many screened rooms.  The screen model has been especially simplified for this application and therefore only has a single flap and no security cover.

Hale Pet Door Screen Model Technical Specification Drawing
Screen Model Technical Drawing
Instructions for installation are either included in the box or are available on our website. In addition, we offer technical support when needed and professional installation is
available in many locations nationwide.  For a downloadable copy of these technical specifications, click here.
Hale Pet Door Screen 12 sizes, 4 colors, 3 styles
12 Sizes, 4 Colors, 3 Styles
Hale Pet Door Screen Custom Styles
Custom Frame Configurations
Hale Pet Door Screen Flap and SSK Options
Flap and SSK Options
Various Options Available

Customize your Screen Model to fit your exact needs. If our many standard options won't work, choose from even more custom options to make it just right for you.

Outstanding features:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Effective Insect and Rodent Control


  • Screen Doors
  • Window Screens
  • Screened Porches and Lanais
  • Sidelights
  • **not functional for security screen doors
Hale Pet Door Standard Screen Model
Standard Under 1/2" Model
Hale Pet Door Universal Screen Model
Universal Model
Hale Pet Door Cutdown Screen Model
Cutdown Model
Hale Pet Door Screen Main Frame Technical Drawing
Main Frame
Hale Pet Door Screen Spline Frame Technical Drawing
Spline Frame
Hale Pet Door Weather Stripping Technical Drawing
Weather Stripping
Hale Pet Door flap technical drawing
Hale Pet Door Alnico Magnet Technical Drawing
Alnico5 Magnets
Hale Pet Door Flap Strikes Technical Drawing
Hale Pet Door Screen Retainer Clips
Metal Retainer Clips
Hale Pet Door Screen Extended Clip Tech Spec Drawing
Extended Clips
Hale Pet Door Screen Stabilizer Bar
Screen Stabilizer Bar
Hale Pet Door Screen Aluminum Clips
Aluminum Clips