Pet Ramp

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Ramp Specifications:

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramp Technical DrawingRamp base material: Manufactured out of durable 1/4" King Starboard® polymer.  This material is designed for marine applications and stands up extremely well to outdoor environments.  It is also attractive enough to be used for indoor applications.
Carpet:  Olefin, nylon carpet is stain, mold and mildew resistant.  It's indoor/outdoor pile height makes it an excellent choice to prevent slipping while pets are using the ramp.  As an option, customers can choose to customize the ramp with their own carpet.

Ramp Components:

Attachment Area:  3" area at the back of the ramp used to attach the ramp with bolts to a house wall or a security barrier.

Ramp:  The sloped part of the unit running from the ground to the finished height.  To figure the length, add the rise squared by the run squared and find the square root (a2 x b2 = c2).  This may be important if you have a limited area in which to place your ramp.

Rise:  The height of the ramp above the ground.  Our standard rise heights are 3", 6", 12", 18", and 24".  Custom rise heights are also available.

Run:  The length the ramp runs along the ground.  This is generally twice the length of the rise.  (i.e. 12" rise = 24" run).  If an optional landing is ordered, that length is added to the run.  If an optional foot is ordered, the run is reduced by approximately two inches.

Landing:  An optional addition to a standard ramp making a level area for the pet immediately outside the pet door.

Foot:  An optional addition to a standard ramp, the foot shortens the length of the ramp and the run by approximately four inches.  The pet then steps down approximately two inches to reach the ground.  Useful when the ramp is being installed in an area with limited space.

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramp Self Standing Leg Technical DrawingSelf Standing Leg:  An optional addition to a standard ramp, the self standing leg replaces the attachment area.  The leg is made to the height of the rise and is also covered in carpet.  Especially useful if using the ramp indoors to allow access to a couch, bed, window, etc.

Reinforcement:  The area of Starboard underneath the ramp that strengthens and stabilizes the unit.  Smaller ramps may require little or no reinforcement.  Reinforcement is added as needed by the factory at no charge to the customer.  Customer does not need to specify this item.

Railing:  Optional addition to any ramp.  Can be useful if animals tend to jump off the ramp or need to be directed one way or another