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Single Pane In Glass Model Pet Door Technical Specifications

Hale Pet Door Single Pane In Glass Model
Single Pane In Glass Model

The Hale Pet Door™ “Single Pane In Glass Model” is designed to be installed directly into a pane of glass in an existing sliding glass door, single-lite French door, window, or other areas with glass that is 3/16” thick. Due to its track design, it can only be used with glass that is 3/16” or thinner (we urge caution when deciding to use in thinner glass however as this glass can break more easily). If your glass thickness if 1/4" or greater, you would need to order our Double Pane model instead even if you have a single pane of glass.

Hale Pet Door Single Pane In Glass Model Technical Specification Drawing
Single Pane In Glass Model Technical Drawing

Due to building codes requiring tempered glass in all doors and windows, this application requires replacing the entire existing pane of glass with a new pane that has the hole precut for the pet door.   Because of this, the in-glass installation can be one of the more expensive ways to add a pet door to your home but it is also the most attractive and unobtrusive option for glass door or window installation.  It also allows you full use of your sliding glass door, unlike panel models that obstruct a large section of the passageway. Professional glass cutting and installation is required so this application is not currently available in all locations. Call or email for availability in your area.  For a downloadable copy of these technical specifications, click here.

Hale Pet Door 12 sizes and 4 colors
12 Sizes and 4 Frame Colors
Hale Pet Door Security Cover Load Options
Security Cover Options
Hale Pet Door Single In Glass Training Flap Options
Flap Options
Various Options Available

Customize your In Glass Model to fit your exact needs. If our many standard options won't work, choose from even more custom options to make it just right for you.

Outstanding features:

  • Self-framing, self-supporting
  • Easy to Clean
  • Energy Efficient


  • Sliding glass doors
  • Single-lite French doors
  • Windows
Hale Pet Door Single Pane In Glass Frame Tech Spec Drawing
Pet Door Frame
Hale Pet Door Weather Stripping Technical Drawing
Weather Stripping
Hale Pet Door flap technical drawing
Hale Pet Door Alnico Magnet Technical Drawing
Alnico5 Magnets
Hale Pet Door Flap Strikes Technical Drawing
Hale Pet Door Security Cover Technical Drawing
Security Cover
Hale Pet Door Knob Technical Drawing
Cover Knob
Hale Pet Door pin lock technical drawing
Pin Lock
Hale Pet Door Replacement Glass Tech Spec Drawing
Replacement Glass
Hale Pet Door Compensation Strip Tech Spec Drawing
Compensation Strips