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Replacement Flap Kit Technical Specifications

Hale Pet Door Replacement Flap Kit
Replacement Flap Kits

Hale Pet Door™ Replacement Flap Kits are designed to fit any and all of our pet door models.  Our replacement flap kits come with either one or two flaps (depending on your door model and options ordered) with the appropriate number of strikes preinstalled on each flap. The placement and number of strikes depends on your pet door size and whether you are ordering an interior or exterior flap.  The kit also contains the proper weather stripping and magnets for the flap ordered.  This will enable you to completely refurbish the parts of the pet door that get the most wear and tear and should enable your pet door to last for decades.

Hale Pet Door Replacement Flap Kit Technical Specification Drawing
Replacement Flap Kit Technical Drawing

Instructions for installation included in the box or on our website.  Ease of installation can vary depending on the model of pet door you have.  On thinner doors, it can be difficult to remove the screws without separating the door frames.  Walls, screens, and many others are very simple to replace.  We offer technical support when needed and professional installation is available in many locations nationwide. 

For a downloadable copy of these technical specifications, click here.


  • Easy to install – varies depending on pet door model
  • Covered by our 5-year prorated warranty


Designed to replace worn or torn flaps on any Hale Pet Door Model.

  • Door, Wall, & In Glass Models – Single or Double
  • Screen Model – Interior Flap only
  • Panel and Window Models – Single or Double
  • Storm Window Replacement Model – Interior Flap Only
  • Kennel Doors & Security Barrier Frames - Varies

Cannot generally be used as replacements for other brands of pet door.

Various Options Available

Customize your Replacement Flaps to fit your exact needs. If our many standard options won't work, choose from even more custom options to make it just right for you.


Hale Pet Door Double Flap Replacement Flaps Kit
Single Flap or Double Flaps
Hale Pet Door Replacement Flap Only
Flap Only
Hale Pet Door 12 Standard Sizes
12 Sizes Plus Custom
Hale Pet Door Interior Flap Technical Drawing
Interior Flap
Hale Pet Door Exterior Flap Technical Drawing
Exterior Flap
Hale Pet Door top bar technical drawing
Top Bar
Hale Pet Door Weather Stripping Technical Drawing
Weather Stripping
Hale Pet Door Alnico Magnet Technical Drawing
Alnico5 Magnets
Hale Pet Door Flap Strikes Technical Drawing