Pet Parents Go Natural

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Green pet products can help protect the environment.


Pet Parents Go Natural

(NAPSA)—There are a number of steps pet owners can take to help keep the environment from going to the dogs. That’s the word from experts who say that green pet products can help effectively house train, clean up after pets and even handle pet allergies, without leaving a mark on the environment or taking up space in
landfills. Here’s a look at green ways to care for your pet:

House Training

Vets say you can start house training a puppy the minute you bring him home. Simply put him down where you want him to do his business and use a house training pad. Pet products such as Out! Natural Biodegradable
Training Pads are a good green choice because all materials are made from 100 percent biodegradable and renewable resources. Even the protective backing, typically plastic, is made from a new corn-based blend technology, which allows the training pad to biodegrade faster than an orange peel when composted.

Spot Treatment

Regardless of the source, all spills and pet accidents should be cleaned up immediately. For liquid spills, blot the area with a dry, white cloth or paper towel. Do not rub the area. Continue to blot until the area is completely dry. Then apply Out! Natural Stain and Odor Remover. It’s made with renewable corn-based ethanol and plant-based mild cleansers, as well as beneficial bio-cultures and enzymes that actually digest organic waste left by pets. Plus, it’s nontoxic and safe to use around children and animals.

Pet Allergies

Bathing pets regularly can help both you and your dog or cat feel your best. Bath time is a natural way to reduce shedding and dander, which can cut down on the allergens in the air. A good bath can also wash off many of the pollutants that collect during the day.  Enviro-friendly products such as Out! Natural Pet Shampoo or No Rinse Cat & Kitten Shampoo are made with natural nutrients like aloe vera, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B-5 that cleanse and nourish. The shampoos are suitable for all skin types and contain no animal by-products.

Out! Natural products are available in the pet aisle of major discount stores, such as Wal-Mart and Kmart, as well as select grocery retailers. For more information, visit

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