Stay On Top of Housecleaning by Brushing Up on Your Pet's Furry Mess

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"A little extra time spent grooming pets can help cut down on cleanup and shedding, as well as strengthen the bond between you and your pet," a prominent veterinarian advises.


Stay On Top Of Housecleaning By Brushing Up On Your Pet's Furry Mess

 (NAPSA)—Rid your home of excess pet fur and keep a clean, healthy pet by heeding the advice of Dr. Jeff Werber, celebrity veterinarian and vet to Lassie, one of the world’s favorite dogs.

 1. Healthy Diet:  Diet plays a key role in your pet’s overall health. Feeding your pet a quality pet food with protein, vitamins and Omega-Fatty Acids will promote a healthy weight and topcoat and help reduce shedding.

2. Scratch the Itch: Pets can itch because of fleas, dry skin or even a skin allergy, which can spread dander  throughout the house. Whatever the cause, make sure to speak with your veterinarian to help your pets feel and look their best.

3. Love Your Pet, Hate the Shedding?: Use a professional grooming tool, such as the FURminator deShedding Tool, which guarantees to work better than any brush, rake or comb. The tool will eliminate the amount of fur left on floors, couches and clothes up to 90 percent.

4. Lessen Allergies & Sneezing: Create allergy-free areas for family members with pet allergies by restricting animals to certain rooms of your home and consider using allergen-resistant covers on mattresses and  pillows. Regular grooming will also decrease the amount of airborne allergens and dander around the house.

5. Pet Hair Removal: Upholstery is a pet hair magnet and removing fur can be tedious. Eliminate newly shed hair with a lint roller before fur works its way into fabric. If pets are allowed on the furniture, consider investing in furniture throws that can be laundered. This will keep your home looking and smelling better.

6. Pet Crates: Pets prefer a clean, dry space to sleep in. A crate acts like their bedroom and provides a positive solution to house-training. Be sure to keep their “room” clean by washing blankets kept in the crate.

7. Avoid Outside Coming In:  Keep a washable rug near the door your pet uses. Wipe off your pet’s paws so mud or dirt is not tracked onto floors. Consider using a bottle of the FURminator Waterless deShedding  Shampoo & Conditioner and use the spray to easily eliminate odor without bathing. Also, dispose of pet waste regularly to ensure it’s not being tracked into the house.

8. Pet Stain Removal: For pet stains on carpets, try sponging the area with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of clear dish detergent in a quart of warm water; let dry and repeat if the spot remains.

9. Pet Dishes: Keep a mat or rug under your pets’ food and water dish to catch spills. Also, spray a light mist of vegetable oil on the inside of their dishes for easier cleanup.

10. Cleaner Pet, Cleaner Home:   Keep pets clean by bathing them regularly with a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner. A great example would be the unique formulas of the FURminator deShedding Shampoo and Solution. They are en riched with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, vitamins and proteins, which help promote healthier skin while reducing excessive shedding.

“According to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Guide, 163 million homes across America are being shared with dogs and cats,” said Dr. Werber. “Try these tips and you’ll spend more time bonding with your pets and less time cleaning their messes.”

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