Something to Wag About: How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

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It's a healthy sign to see bounce in your dog's step and joy in his jump during your walks together.


Something To Wag About: How To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

NAPSA)—Ask most dog owners and they’ll probably tell you their furry friend is considered a part of the family. Every day, dogs give us so much love and joy and don’t usually ask for much in return.

As a loving pet parent, it’s important to take the choices you make for Fido seriously, because he counts on you to provide him with the best nutrition available, plenty of exercise and, of course, all the cuddling he can handle. And just as important is to be aware of the signs that help tell you your dog is healthy. Iams ProActive Health promotes the seven signs of healthy vitality so you know what to look for, including:

1. Strong, firm muscle. Make playtime fun and enjoyable for your pet as he races you around the yard. Choose a pet food formula that has chicken or lamb meal as the primary protein source to help promote strong, firm muscles.

2. A healthy heart. Your love for him grows with every beat of his heart. You can feel good knowing that his heart is being nourished with seven essential hearthealthy vitamins and minerals.

3. Strong bones and joints. You can tell everything is okay when there is bounce in his step and joy in his jump during your walks together.

4. Healthy digestion.  Iams ProActive Health’s gentle fiber system supports your dog’s ability to absorb nutrients and minimize waste.

5. Healthy teeth. For that cute doggy smile every day as he greets you at the door, use a formula that has crunchy kibble to help reduce tartar buildup.

6. A strong immune system. Dashing through the snow and singing in the rain together is more fun when you’re healthy. Make sure your pet food brand helps promote a strong immune system so you and your friend can enjoy all the seasons together.

7. Healthy skin and a shiny coat. Look for pet food that is enriched with vitamin-rich fish oil to help promote a soft, shiny coat.

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