Better Health For Your Dogs and Cats

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Raw food offers the most nutritionally dense, biologically appropriate diet for dogs and cats.

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Better Health For Your Dogs And Cats

(NAPSA)—Better nutrition can lead to better health—for both you and your pets.

Some of the most common pet health problems (like allergies, obesity, excessive shedding, diabetes, etc.) may be prevented, relieved or even eliminated—simply by feeding a more biologically appropriate pet food. Feeding a “biologically appropriate” pet food means choosing a diet closest to what your dog or cat would eat in its natural habitat. The more natural the food, the better!

The most natural form of nutrition is known as raw pet food. In the holistic realm, raw pet food is considered to be “the gold standard” of nutrition. Raw pet foods consist primarily of fresh/frozen meats, organs and bones, and some fruits and vegetables.

A growing number of pet nutritionists and veterinarians are turning to raw as a natural solution for better pet health. Advocates of raw feeding report pet-health results that include allergy relief, weight control, improved
skin and coat for less shedding, smaller firmer stools, healthy teeth and gums for fresher breath and increased energy.

Holistic veterinarian, author and pet health expert Dr. Doug Knueven has long been an advocate for raw pet food.

According to Knueven, “Nature’s Variety offers the most nutritionally dense, biologically appropriate diets for dogs and cats. You can actually feed less food and your pet will be more satisfied. Raw-fed dogs and cats live longer, healthier and happier lives.”

Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Diets have been scientifically substantiated as “complete and balanced” by AAFCO Protocol Feeding Trials. The diets are offered in convenient patties and medallions that are ready to serve without any mixing, measuring or supplementing.

“There is a benefit in offering various proteins to your pet,” said Dr. Knueven. “If he were in the wild, your dog would catch a rabbit one day, eat a chicken another day and so on. Feeding a variety of proteins is just one more way you can feed a more natural diet.”

Nature’s Variety also offers a broad range of dry and canned pet foods, including the Instinct line of grain-free kibble and cans, and the Prairie line of natural, holistic kibble and cans.

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