Making Life Easier For Your Senior Pet

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Many older pets suffer from arthritis. Nutrients found in a popular pet supplement can help maintain a pet's joint health.

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Making Life Easier For Your Senior Pet

(NAPSA)—Arthritis can make it difficult for cats and dogs to get around, but there are many steps you can take to help ease your pet’s suffering.

Here are a few tips to help you make life more comfortable for your pet:

• Keep your pet moving.  Regular exercise is an important part in preventing arthritis flareups—whether it means taking your dog for regular short walks or giving your cat a toy to encourage play. Light exercise lubricates the joints.

• Watch their weight. Don’t overfeed your pets or allow them to eat too many scraps as extra weight raises their chances of developing arthritis. Extra weight can strain a pet’s joints and eventually cause cartilage to  degenerate.

• Keep them comfortable. Arthritis can get worse if the pet sleeps in an awkward position, so make sure your senior pet has a comfortable bed to sleep in; an orthopedic bed, if possible. Some orthopedic beds even deliver heat to soothe affected joints.

• Make adjustments to their environment.  For example, think about where you place a pet’s food bowl. Raising the food bowl can reduce neck st rain. A pet wi th advanced arthritis might find steps difficult. A ramp or special pet steps may help.

• Supplement their diet. You can also make your pet more comfortable by giving him a supplement such as Cosequin DS. The scientifically researched nutritional supplement is dispensed by thousands of veterinarians to help cats and dogs maintain healthy joints. It’s the only over-thecounter supplement to help prevent and treat joint conditions that can be used on both cats and dogs.

Early action is best as the supplement works gradually and it may take a while to see results. If you notice limping, stiffness or a change in gait, ask your veterinarian to examine your pet and advise you on supplement use.

Your veterinarian may also suggest using the supplement as a protective measure to prevent arthritis from developing or flaring up.

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