Washing Your Dog Naturally

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Dogs have a high pH balance and may benefit from a gentle wash to foam away dirt and grime.


Washing Your Dog Naturally

(NAPSA)—Warm weather means more outdoor fun for your dog but it also means rolling around in the mud, swimming in dirty water and sometimes getting skunked. Dogs may need an extra bath during warmer weather but there’s no need for an expensive visit to the groomer.

Washing pets at home can save money and you can use the gentlest, all-natural, fresh goat’s milk products such as those from Nature’s Dog by Canus. A dog’s pH is one of the highest among mammals, making their skin particularly sensitive and susceptible to irritations, rashes and hot spots.

Nature’s Dog Fresh Goat’s Milk Shampoo with Blue Cedar Fragrance uses the moisturizing properties of fresh goat’s milk to soothe skin while gently foaming away dirt and grime. Neem and juniper oils naturally repel fleas and ticks, and fight dandruff. Tea tree and meadowfoam seed oils relieve and heal dry skin and hot spots while shea butter helps condition and bring a healthy shine to even the longest coat. For more information, visit naturesdog.com