A Winning Recipe For Fun with your Four-Legged Friend

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A Winning Recipe For Fun With Your Four-Legged Friend

(NAPSA)—The more than 75 percent of pet owners who say they consider their dogs like members of the family may care to consider these tips for including their four-legged friends in the family fun. Just remember the easy acronym DOGS!
• Doggy Paddle Party
—Let your dog make a splash by taking him for a dog-only swim at the local public pool. Over 600 public pools across the country now offer dog-dedicated swimming days that give canines the chance to cool off and make new friends. Or, get a plastic kiddie pool and fill it up with water and your dog’s favorite plastic toys. The two of you can enjoy an afternoon of refreshing fun.
• Outdoor Adventure—Instead of the usual walk around the block, grab the leash and backpack and head to a dogfriendly park for an invigorating hike and hours of fresh-air fun. Bring along a flying disc or ball to help your dog burn off any extra energy. And, make sure to give her lots of water and rests in shaded areas so she doesn’t get overheated.
• Gourmet Barbecue—Forget the hotdogs and hamburgers. For your next family barbecue, go gourmet by grilling a premium cut of meat, such as filet mignon, seasoned in a mouth-watering marinade and served with a jicama
salad on the side. You can let your dog enjoy the real meat excitement too by feeding him ALPO® Chop House Originals® brand dog food, which is made with Angus beef. Set a special place setting for your four-legged family member next to the “big dog” table.
• Siesta Time—Dogs sleep an average of 10-13 hours a day and, just like many owners, really enjoy a good nap. Curl up in the comfort of your home with a good book or movie. It could become a wonderful bonding time as your furry best friend sleeps curled up by your side.
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