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Date Posted: April 5, 2023

Benefits of Installing a Dog Door in Your Home

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This happy black furry dog would love a new doggy door.

At Hale Pet Door, we proudly believe in freedom for pets. In designing and building the best dog door, we also have your freedom in mind, which includes not having to always be available to let your pooch or kitty outside (and back in again). If you’re thinking of installing a pet door in your home, you may be wondering about the benefits of doing so. This article is for you.

Are Dog Doors a Good Idea?

A dog door allows your pet outside access, to relieve themselves when you may not be available or to get some exercise and explore. A high-quality, energy-efficient pet door with security features answers the usual pet door concerns

What are the Benefits of Installing a Dog Door in Your Home?

There are many pet door benefits, such as pet health, keeping animals safe, and convenience (for both of you). Having a pet door can also help to minimize behavioral problems.

1. Creates a Healthier, Happier Pet

How Does a Dog Door Improve Your Pet’s Health and Well-Being? With a pet door, your doggie or kitty can access your yard to explore, run around and get fresh air—even when you’re not available for a walk. Pet exercise is very important.

Another important health benefit of a pet door is that your poor pooch doesn’t have to “hold it in” while waiting to be walked, which can be uncomfortable.

2. Lets you Ditch Your ‘Doorman Duties’

Having the freedom to come and go as they please gives your pet more confidence and self-determination—and it makes pet ownership easier on you.

3. Helps Reduce Undesirable Pet Behavior

Can a dog door help a pet’s behavior? If your pet gets bored being inside the house all day while you’re at work, they may start to engage in undesirable behaviors, such as chewing on things you don’t want them chewing on. Easy access to your yard provides them with the physical activity and mental stimulation they need to stay healthy, which also reduces these unwanted behaviors.

4. Keeps Dog or Cat Safe from Inside/Outside Dangers

This is something we don’t want to think about, but having a dog door in the home allows them to escape from an inside danger (such as a fire) if they need to. They might also be outside and need to get inside on their own, such as if the weather turns bad unexpectedly.

5. Deters Potential Intruders

In addition to protecting your pet from indoor and outdoor dangers, having a dog door will help your pet protect you and your home. It gives them the ability to investigate strange noises and possibly even thwart a potential home invasion.

There’s another important benefit. Think about the possibility of less barking and no more scratching on doors to get back in. You may find, once you install your pet door and your animal gets comfortable using it, that you suddenly have a quieter, more peaceful home.

Why Hale Pet Doors are the Very Best

There are many reasons to choose Hale. All our pet doors are made from extruded aluminum, with premium parts, and they’re manufactured in-house at our U.S. factory. We build every customized pet door as each order comes in, from cutting the metal to inspecting and cleaning before we ship the pet door to our customers. 

All Hale dog doors are lockable and come with a high-density polyethylene security cover and steel pin lock. Most of our pet doors come standard with two separate flaps, which we recommend for maximum energy efficiency. They’re available not just in “small” and “large,” but in 12 different sizes. If none of these sizes are perfect for your pet, we can also make custom size pet doors. Discover the many benefits of installing a dog door in your home. Shop dog doors now. Call us if you have any questions.

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